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With the launch of the sixth iteration of the Apple iPhone, all the attention once again shifted to the mobile industry and its broad capabilities in giving us that one perfect gadget to use everywhere. Not only has our need and desire to stay in touch increased multifold, but we have come to expect so much more from our modern day smartphones given the raw power punch they pack. Today, you don’t buy a phone just for it’s looks. You select a device for it’s features. Walk into any mobile store and you can hear people’s conversation and their queries, “What’s the RAM capacity? What’s the speed of the processor? Which processor is being used?” and so forth.

But alas, our section is not about the world of mobile devices but gaming. So, without further ado , in order celebrate the launch of various flagship mobile devices such as the Android One Series, Galaxy Note 4 in the past week, here’s our list of the best games you need to try to put your beast of a device to a test! We will try and give an assorted choice and keep one game per genre in our listings.

Injustice: Gods Among Us


If you are reading this segment, we’re pretty sure you are a gamer just like us. The description of this title says it all. An epic roster of DC heroes and villains get ready for battle. This game was made for awesomeness. Hours and hours spent on selecting your hero (or villain to compliment your dark side) and fighting your way through to a cinematic and well thought out story line. You can also compete with players across the world in a neat multiplayer segment.


We have to be honest with this one. We discovered this old school game a few weeks back and just haven’t been able to stay off it! Yes, it’s that addictive. If you are one from the lot who loves flat designs and pleasing aesthetics, this one is for you. A simplistic arcade puzzle game that won’t take much of your storage space but we can’t be certain about the time. One of the team members spent 3 hours on the trot playing it, yes in the office hours. Try to beat the high scorers around the world as you rotate a multi colored wheel whilst making sure that the colored balls flying onto the screen land in the matching part of the wheel.

Threes! & 2048


Perhaps the most engaging, challenging and methodical games around, no we will not mention Swing Copters, cause its just an impossible game. If you own a smartphone, chances are you already have these games installed or have heard about them. The task is to club similar numbers together to get larger sums till you have solved it all. Each swipe moves the entire screen which makes it all the more challenging and fun. (We weren’t able to complete even one round. Not Proud!)

Asphalt (series)


Ready to drive through the town in your sparking new ride and color the town red? This arcade style racing title is just for you. Ever defining the genre of racing games on smart devices, the Asphalt series impressed us once again with its 8th edition. If you’re looking for an intense driving experience and have a knack for destruction, this title is for you. (And for us!)


The one game that encourages you to go out and discover new places as you look for and tap the sources of mysterious energy that threatens to destroy the world as we know it! Acquire objects deploy and aid in your quests, acquire territories and ally with other players. Who knows, you just might bump into an old friend as you take this quest!

We know we have missed out on a lot, we’ve tried to cover one game from each genre to give you the best value for your time. Have any games you play that we have missed out on? Leave the names here and we’ll love to check ‘em out! And yes, next week we will be back with a new set of games for you to check out.

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