5 Classic Gaming Titles Every FPS Lover ought to have Played



Ever since advent of the age of computing, computers have used for office chores and connecting libraries to each other. Yet, one aspect of these machines has always been a welcome retreat for all of us. Old, young, boys or girls, we have all experienced it.

Welcome to the fun world of gaming! A world where you are no longer bound by your mortal shell. You can be what you want to be. Save a princess, destroy a kingdom, save the world from an apocalypse or act as the best bet of a space faring race of humans to save the galaxy. In this section which will be up every Tuesday, we will be talking about all things and everything gaming. Your favourites, my favourites and the ones which are yet to be launched and yet have the potential to be our favourites.

We will commence with the world of FPS (First Person Shooter) gaming. Here’s my list of the top 5 games you need to play to call yourself a true FPS lover! You can obviously interpret this as my list of five best ever FPS games, so without building any suspense, lets jump into it, perhaps with a gun:

Doom (1993)


One of the very first and influential FPS games to have ever been made! This was the game that defined and laid down the foundation of the FPS genre as it is today. Ask a true FPS lover and he would recall the name for sure. Ask your Dad if he was ever a gaming person and chances are he’d be willing to take you on, even today.

Quake (1996)


Quake has often been called the true successor to the Doom series. Quake was built to carry the legacy forward, with full time 3D rendering and OpenGL support, Quake added multiplayer options and made it easier for people from around the world to connect and play together in a host of different game modes. It made it easier to find and compete against each other on the Internet truly expanding the bases of FPS gaming.

Half-Life Series (1998)

Half LIfe

Doom had set the stage for the popularisation of FPS gaming while Quake had proven true to its legacy. Valve Corp. took on itself to re-define it. Enter, the Half-Life series, the game was an instant success and is revered as one of the most inspiring storyline based FPS to this day. We can just wait and wish to see what Half Life 3 would offer. Gabe Newell, we hope you are listening.

Counter-Strike Series (1999)

Counter Strike

If you have lived in a hostel or hold an engineering background this series needs no introduction. Chances are, that if you have witnessed the IT revolution in India, you have played this game at least once in your life if not more and ruined semesters after semesters. Or, if you are a grown up yet just cannot resist another round like me, you still play it and take pride in it. Counter Strike 1.6 is widely regarded as the game that gave rise to the world of Professional Gaming in India. Countless parlours still make a large moolah cause the kids want to come in and compete on CS against their friends over LAN. 

Call of Duty (2003)


All our previous games had laid the foundation and established FPS as the biggest genre in online gaming. The developers of CoD took it on themselves to give it a fresh and unique take. CoD series is often regarded as the most played RP-FPS (Role Playing-First Person Shooter) selling over a 100 million copies till date.

So there we have it, the 5 FPS games that introduced and defined professional gaming. You must have noticed that in neither of the games we have given away the story of the series, simply because we do not want to spoil it for you in case you haven’t played it. So go ahead and give these games a shot on your old PlayStations or PCs.

But now PUBG Mobile is the trending game.

Don’t forget to write to us which of the above is your favorite title and also, in case you have a pick that we have not listed above, let us know.

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