why mobile app development services are taking over the world



People are constantly on their smartphones and the majority of their time is spent on different types of apps. This has propelled businesses towards creating a variety of online servicescapes, one of the popular ones being, mobile applications. Mobile apps serve as a great new model for businesses to reach the target audience and build a more loyal customer base. For this, they are leveraging mobile application development.


What is Mobile Application Development? 

Mobile application development is the process of designing and building software applications that work on mobile devices. A mobile application serves as an online servicescape offering the target audience a real-time and customized experience.

5 reasons why Mobile App Development Services are taking over the world? 

Mobile applications provide a higher growth scope. As per the app sales statistics, they are expected to generate a revenue worth $935 billion+ in the year 2023. Businesses and brands are seeking developers to cater to five major requirements: 

  • Utilizing Design Thinking (Read more on: Design thinking)
  • Ensuring professional technology support from dedicated and experienced experts. 
  • Keeping up with the tech trends and inculcating them in business strategies. 
  • Focussing on core activities of the business instead of spending time and resources on setting up an in-house mobile app development and optimization team.
  • Being regular with ASO – App store optimization since, developing and designing is the first step of a holistic process of mobile app development. 

Why should businesses develop a mobile application? 


Enhanced Customer Engagement

Customer interaction through an app has increased ten folds. Important information, promotional messages and reminders can be communicated to the app users via instant notifications in no time. 

Businesses can also increase the customer base and drive more app installations with exclusive in-app coupons and subscription programmes. Daily motivations can also be sent to app installers in the form of compelling notification pop-ups to keep up with user engagement. 


Improved Customer Loyalty

Mobile applications are much more accessible to users. They become a part of a customer’s life cycle. It makes the brand omnipresent in the online space, improving brand retention and loyalty as the customers can directly engage with the business in real-time. Businesses utilize loyalty programmes and feedback forms to further enhance customer loyalty. 

Moreover, customers who download apps are much more receptive to the business considering they have enough trust in the brand to download its app. Loyal customers can be leveraged to spread positive word of mouth through referrals and reviews. 


Increased Conversion Rate

As per stats, 73% of millennials shop 1 to 4 times per week on mobile, making it an opportunity-filled space for expansion. Moreover, with mobile apps, businesses get the chance of enhancing marketing communication. This is done by reducing filtered messages through direct and quick customer interaction, which eventually boosts sales. 

Through in-app subscriptions, loyalty programs and a simple and structured checkout process, businesses can not only increase one-time sales but also open doors for long-term customer relationships.


Optimization of Customer Data and Analytics

Getting customer data through mobile applications is much easier since the customer will download an app only if they have faith in the brand. Once acquired, customer data helps refine communication depending on what the customer seeks.

Coming to the data acquired through analytics, it helps in understanding the customer’s movement and pattern throughout the app which sets a base for building more customer-centric strategies for the future. It also assists businesses in displaying personalized recommendations to app users. 


Increased Scope Of Social Sharing

With almost 2.87 million apps available on the Google app store, reviews and ratings play a major role in enhancing mobile downloads. Just as a well-developed and structured app increases in-app usage, referrals and user suggestions are considered by potential installers before installing an app. 

One of the best sources to enhance referrals is social sharing and mobile apps flourish with social sharing. Referrals from friends, family and influencers propel people to convert. A mobile app with great UI/UX design and social sharing buttons can expand tremendously in the wake of positive word of mouth. 

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A Star Amongst The Herd

From large companies to small organisations to personal brands, almost every business in the online scape is making use of mobile application development services to stand a cut above the competitors. 

It is a dedicated space that is customized keeping in mind the business vision and customer expectations. A mobile app provides a competitive edge to the business and makes it stand out from the herd through a lucrative in-app experience. It also adds up to the ways in which a customer can reach and interact with a business. 



With intense competition, it is crucial to be omnipresent in the online space by having a variety of ways for customers to connect with your brand. Mobile application development is one of the growing services to enhance a business’s online presence with immense present and future opportunities. Now that you are aware of the growth prospect mobile application development holds, deciding on a good mobile application development service is another milestone to cross. Let’s make your search journey reach its destination with #ARM Worldwide. 

Our dedicated team of professionals assist you in designing, building and optimizing a mobile application that increases the scope of your business greatly.


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