Best 5 Things to Keep in Mind while Writing an Effective Digital PR



With an ever increasing focus on content creation and hence marketing that content effectively, a large focus is on the distribution channels and effectively disseminating that content to the people who can not just consume it but also effectively pass it on forward for the layman to consume the content and hence influence his actions. PR or newswires, among others like social media marketing or investing in search, are an excellent way to ensure that your brand gets a coverage or is spoken about without enforcing your ideas or being too pushy on an influencer, media personnel or a blogger.

Irrespective of the channel that you pick up, it is absolutely a must that you get your approach right and you target the people who are in synergy with the Target Audience of the brand which is communicating. It is also a must that if you want to effectively reach out to your audience that you do not stop at one mantra for success and keep exploring paths while keeping what’s working for you in the mix.  However, there are a few things that act as a golden rule which you must always keep in mind while drafting a digital PR that you are about to send, they are:

Digital PR 5 things

1) Make sure that the headline is Engaging and Tweetable

Just like any piece of content on the internet, make sure that the PR you release has a headline that is catchy and can be tweeted as it is by the influencer who reads the PR for the first time. Using a question, metaphor or even sarcasm in the headline which is poking could be a good way of writing a headline on the PR. Make sure you do not give away all the information in the PR alone so that the people actually care to go through what is written.

2) Use everyday language in the content of your PR

It is imperative to remember that not everybody is proficient in the English language equally and therefore you need to make sure that what is written is simple enough and straightforward enough for everyone to grasp it in one go. The language needs to be crisp and to the point without any ambiguity.

3) Include interesting graphics, images or even infographics in the PR

It is very important that you give full value and best chance for the blogger or journalist to cover your wire when sending it to them in the form of a PR. For this, you need to ensure that you include a good high-resolution product image, a supporting video, maybe even an infographic to support or highlight the data that is being alluded to in the release that is going out.

4) Ensure that the PR is mobile consumable

The world is going mobile and if you are approaching a blogger or an influencer, there is a very high chance he is on the move and will consume your PR on mobile. Therefore, you need to check that the PR is perfectly readable on mobile. To facilitate this, you must keep formatting simple, use universal fonts, avoid adding images or content like a gif in the body of the E-Mail.

5) Include relevant links and excerpts from Social Networks if they are active

In your digital PR, it is always a good idea to include the links of a forum or a place where the reader can either view or participate in the conversation. You should ideally also include the links as well as some chatter to all the social network accounts so that the one consuming the PR will be able to follow you for regular updates. Make sure that all the links that you include in the PR are working perfectly fine as there is nothing more embarrassing than a 404 error bein thrown on one of the links that you included in PR.

Those were some of the things that you got to keep in mind when shooting out any Digital PR. Which of the points above do you think is the most critical, or is there something that we missed out on? Let us know in the section below or on the Social Media platforms where the post has been shared.

The content of the blog post has been inspired by a newsletter issued by PRNewswire. We would like to go on record to acknowledging their work and give the due credits. You can read the entire newsletter here.

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