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While exhibitions are a gateway to participate in industry affairs, expand the horizon and utilize the opportunities to maximize marketing measures. In an age of cut through competition, every activity needs the right set of communication to get recognition.

If you are an exhibitor in a national or international event like CES, ad tech India, Tech Crunch, Hackathon India, etc., the opportunities available can be channelized into strategic actions in line with your business goals.

5 Benefits of using content for event promotion

Here are the five quick, insightful ways to get the best out of your participation in events

1. Identify the target audience & defined Digital PR objectives

Research is essential in bringing efficiency in the marketing & PR strategy. It accentuates the possibility of targeting the right audience. Communication strategy is then developed to ensure maximum return. Industry analysis, a close study of the participation list in the events aids in optimizing the time at the day of the event.
The next step is to develop a robust communication strategy using traditional, digital, new media and experiential platforms.

2. Drive traffic to your booth:

There are various diverse approaches to attract attendees to your stall, and the event application is an immaculate setting for that. Be vibrant with activities aligned, exciting giveaways, etc.

A plan of action should be ready for the shop floor which shall be engaging and informing. Driving higher footfall at the both will generate talk points for organizations to leverage through communication strategy.

1) Facebook Remarketing
2) Twitter Communication Planning & having a major share of voice in official hashtags of the event.
Ex: #CES2017 for CES 2017, #adtechIN – For adtech India
3) Twitter List – Create Twitter list to optimize your marketing process. For example, setting up a process with which all the Twitter users will be mentioning the official hashtag can be added into it. You can use services like IFTTT to have this marketing automation.

3.Real Time content dissemination & Digital PR amplification

Content is one of the contributing factors to determine returns from an event. Real-time content marketing adds value to the brand strategy. Beyond networking, quality content is important to attract potential clients.

Content creation: pre-event, during event and post event; content should be different for every stage. In the pre -event stage the focus should be more on building the buzz, during the event real time updates should be disseminated in different formats across platforms, post event the focus on sustaining the momentum through the right usage of the properties developed in the event.

4. Survey for leads:

Exhibitors majorly rely on attendees, exhibitors and participants to turn into potential leads. To maximize lead generation and seize the opportunities, surveys are the way out. It helps in distribution of business information to the potential leads, and simultaneously helps in generation of surveyee’s business details.

Surveys offer better insight of the opportunities and challenges; it allows the company to lay better impressions on the potential customers/clients.

5. Presence across platforms:

Events open the way to networking and socializing, to showcase and analyze, to map the competitors and build on the USPs. The process; from engagement to content curation should be omnipresent for those days. The initiatives should reach out to the TG through, content marketing, influencer engagement, brand advocacy, video marketing, Geo- targeting, etc.

Amazon India cites a classic example of utilizing the New Delhi Book Fair every year. It ensures to reach out to the bookworms across the city and connect with it’s TG through a 360-degree communication strategy. Look at it’s Twitter campaign here.


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