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Web designs just like everything in the world are iterative and progressive. Over the years, our design language, elemental understanding and way of interaction has changed, largely thanks to newer technology, mediums and screen sizes that have come into play. Looking back at a site that was designed as recently as 2012 and one that was done up recently would give you an interesting idea of how web designs have evolved over the years.


If you are looking to design a website that is 2015 ready or up to date with the time, then you must have definitely heard things like material design or simple flat design which are in trend. But what beyond that? What are the things that you must keep in mind as you prepare to sit down to design a brand new site for your client or your brand? Here is an infographic that is extremely interesting and gives you a set of five design trends that you simply cannot afford to ignore if designing a future-ready website.

Website Design trends-2015

In case you were unable to catch the infographic, the basic pointers that the infographic speaks about are a major focus on mobile as most of the sites today are accessed via a mobile device, parallex scrolling, flat design, single page with no scroll on it as well as a simple clean layout.

Do you have a trend that you feel will be extremely important and the infographic has missed out on? Let us know in the section below or comment to us on our social media channels.

Via: Social Media Today

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