Starting Real Connections in a Digital World & Creating Customer Value through Empathy



ad:tech New Delhi is India’s largest Digital Marketing & Advertising Conference and Exhibition in India. In its 2016 edition, we at #ARM Worldwide were proud partner of Digital of the event. The event kicked off its Day #1 today with two of the most phenomenal keynotes, presented by industry professionals Michael Chrisment and Alexander Schlaubitz. Michael is the Global Head of Integrated Marketing for Nescafe at Nestle and, Alexander is the Vice President of Global Marketing at Lufthansa.

Michael Chrisment on Starting Real Connections in a Digital World

Over a timeframe there is a colossal quality in computerized correspondence. While up close and personal systems administration occasions are as yet flourishing, innovation has additionally opened the way to interfacing with individuals worldwide that you’ve never had entry to. In this presentation, Michael shared his profound comprehension of the different advertising methods and patterns, furthermore about his gainful honing of Category groups to understand the income and thought producing potential outcomes of the Digital Space.

Alexander Schlaubitz on Creating Customer Value through Empathy

Empathy is simply the capacity to comprehend and share the movements of another. Client empathy implies comprehension clients’ enthusiastic adventures as they work with you. In this presentation, Alexander shared his capacity to assess key business issues on a theoretical level. Cultivating thoughts that are surprising and ability to challenge standard way of thinking and investigate new open doors.

Why Re-Skilling is the Most Important Ingredient to Create the Workforce of the Future

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