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This Week In Digital - ARM Worldwide Media Pvt LtdWe are at the end of October. This period, every year is perhaps the doorstep to the most celebrated events to follow. From festivities like Diwali and Christmas, to worldwide fashion and industry events, we will get to see everything in next three months to come. This closing also promises a lot of new things for content and the medium used by brands to market themselves. This roundup, we highlight few of the top takeaways of the week in Digital as we move towards the festivities.

Highlight: Anti-Litter Campaign in Hong Kong

With a population of nearly 7.1 million, Hong Kong is one of the fastest moving cities in the world. In that acceleration, catching attention of its residents for an annual city clean-up is a tad tedious. So, how do you do that?, the initiative machine towards the annual city cleanup went creative to do this. They advertised a set of posters to highlight togetherness towards sweeping away the common litters, like that plastic bottle or cigarette leftovers.

The poster used shows a giant bottle, being carried off by the comparatively miniature residents. While it is just a bottle, it is one of the most littered items in any urban city. Same thing goes for cigarettes and wrappers. The campaign is a success, with a target population regularly signing up for the event to be conducted till 1st November.

Instagram announces a new quick video app called Boomerang

While majority of brands are still struggling to discover their content strategy for Instagram, now a major social network, the company has announced a new app to support new type of content in form of short videos. Called Boomerang, the app lets you create a GIF-like looping back and forth video out of 5 photos taken in a burst.

Early adapting brands like Timberland and the music group Twenty One Pilots have already cracked their way of using it as part of their content for Instagram. This will set a mark to a completely new type of content being produced for the platform, driven by total creativity in a short time span, yet delivering a meaning from the brand.

Who else is flipping through our fall catalog? #boomerang #moderntrail #catalog #timberland

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Nudge, nudge, wink, wink ? Who else is playing with #boomerang today!? #benefit

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Twitter opening doors for brands to try the new ad format called Promoted Moment

Twitter announced Moments few weeks back to allow its users to consume trending news and topics in a much organised way. Now, they are opening doors for brands to try it out as a Promoted medium on the platform. The first of many to come Promoted Moment was purchased for the upcoming movie ‘Creed’ by Warner Bros.

Creed - Promoted Moment

These Promoted Moment ad units will allow brands to deliver multimedia-rich content, majorly videos to a vast audience without losing the organised structure they want for it. These units will last for 24 hours, providing the maximum reach and conversion to brands. Promoted Moment ad units are currently limited to US as of now, but we can expect a worldwide roll-out by early 2016.

Exchanging profile makes the bond stronger between Twitter and Vine

Recently, Twitter built a strong connection with vine by bringing a new feature to exchange accounts. Twitter declared closer integration with Vine accounts by connecting it with Twitter. With the help of this one can easily put their Twitter account on Vine profile and Vine account on the Twitter profile. The best aspect of this flip-flop is, now one can put Twitter username on Vine profile.

This can directly help to find the account and follow them there itself. When someone taps your Twitter username, they’ll be taken to your Twitter account, and they can follow there itself. This in other ways will remove the confusion to manage both accounts separately.

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