ARMed up at the Web Summit 2016, Lisbon: Day #1 - #ARM Worldwide




Web Summit, an event I have been planning to be a part from past 2 years. Ireland it was last year, Visa happened but witnessing didn’t for some reason. 2016 event moved from Ireland to Portugal, Lisbon.

This event is huge, 53000 people from over 166 countries, massive centerstage, followed by multiple stages along side and huge stall area.

So many people coming over with limited intention, making money and it doesn’t look it can/will happen right here. It’s about taking knowledge back and then utilising the same back in our work life, knowledge of contacts, knowledge of technology, new solutions, new offering, new thinking, collaborations, partnerships, competition, etc

After 2 days of being (Day 1 of opening Web Summit) here at Web Summit and we two partners, Abhishek and I have done conversation with over 100 people from over 20 countries, where does that happen apart from such events. Organisations should consider this as an investment, an incentive tool, starting from founders, directors, leadership team and others.

As told to us by more informed ones not Web Summit staff, there are over 250 people from India here atWeb Summit, number is surprisingly low. We as Indians, should participate more. Met few Indian service organisations coming for the event for the third time so it’s not only for product companies.

Lisbon, Portugal has done a brilliant job, great infrastructure. With a total population of 5 lakh (2012) and adding 10% to the city for few days, where life hasn’t gone bad for locals, is a commendable job.

Let’s see what hold today for tomorrow – Day 2 begins.


We let loose a bunch of VR drones on a flight through the venue last night before we opened the doors to all 50,000+ of you ?? #WebSummit Spice VR

Posted by Web Summit on Tuesday, 8 November 2016

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