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Someone famously told us, ‘an organization is not known by the money or the clients it makes, but by the knowledge that lives under the roof as that’s your ultimate asset and nothing more’. While all of us at #ARM Worldwide are motivated and highly focused on playing our individual part away, we make sure to set some time aside for ourselves and our development. Usually this time is set aside in exploring verticals that are not our speciality or organizing some sort of an activity where all of us can take part collectively.


Recently, we took a challenge upon ourselves to clear the Google Adword Test to get the fundamental knowledge on how search functions and get a sneak peek into what the media planning wing of the organisation really does. What began as a fun exercise was soon transformed into a competition of sorts, just like the good old college days where topping the exam meant a pat on the back. The whole organisation took the Search lessons and sat through the test over a period of one month.


Obtaining a certificate in Google Adword meant that it was a new bow in the arsenal which proves that we are an expert in the field we consult in. As Google puts it:

The AdWords certification covers the fundamental aspects of online advertising and campaign management, using Google tools like AdWords, Analytics and DoubleClick.

To pass the Google Adword test, you need to pass minimum of two of the three tests that you can find here. A quick brief about the tests follows:



Advertising Fundamentals: This test is all about the basic concepts in the Adword and online advertisement verse such as value of search and what you must or must not do while managing a client account.

Advanced Search: Advanced Search is all about the practices that you must undertake for managing a good Adwords Campaign. The test is of intermediate difficulty level and contains 99 questions, where you need 80% correct answers to pass.

Advanced Display: Given the focus is all on videos and video content marketing, the Advanced Display test covers the advertising aspect on Youtube and other Google’s display network.

All three of the tests above require a different set of minimum scores and must be taken individually. At #ARM Worldwide, we are extremely proud to proclaim that all the 18 members of the team, including the Finance and HR team passed the Google Adwords test with flying colors. It was a mini happy event, just like a university that secured a 100% result. This was the first step in #ARM Worldwide securing a Google Partner’s badge.

What is Google Partner’s Programme?

As Google puts it, ” Google Partners is Google’s platform for agencies, online marketing consultants and other web professionals who want to get the most out of their relationship with Google. Members receive exclusive access to a range of benefits including live training events, industry insights, extra support, promotional offers, beta test opportunities, professional networking and other tools designed just for agencies.”


To achieve the partner’s status we made sure to achieve the following points:

  1. Made sure all the team members were Adwords certified.
  2. Spent more than $10K in running adword campaigns for our clients in the past 60 days.
  3. Ran well optimised campaigns for our clients ensuring at all times the best practises were followed.

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