ARMed up at the Web Summit 2016, Lisbon: Day #2 - #ARM Worldwide



It’s massive!

There are 3 pavilions for exhibitions with side stages for parallel sessions and one massive centerstage, it’s difficult to plan what to do first or, in what order as there is too much happening and one wants to do a lot.

Easy way out was to scan through all the sessions mark the ones to attend and in between increase knowledge by spending time in the exhibition area.

image-2 image-1 image

Between the two of us, we went on to meet over 150 exhibitors after seeing almost 300 of them for introductions. It was followed by a round of filtering to address each with different objectives.

A special mention – some countries & their government have done a phenomenal job with their participation in a extravaganza, namely Sweden, France and Canada. They are standing with business owners, divided into three categories – Beta, Alpha & Startups.


As the world is, many are thinking and doing the same thing in their own ways; whosoever is able to ship right product out first with right communication, wins.

In the between of this mad method world of problem-solving and, making it big there are few (personally found one as of now) who are talking philanthropy and social good.

Yesterday, when the day ended both of us put together had done over 40,000 steps over 40km of walking and no energy to even think about the summit at night. Now, another day in the look forward list.

Hello from Lisbon!

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