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    Rise & Advertise – What’s new in Digital Advertising?

    The world of advertising is constantly adapting to the latest trends in the market and businesses are simultaneously leveraging these ideas to send better promotional messages to an expansive audience. With 2020 behind us, every business is coming up with…

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    Inspire & Influence – What’s New in Influencer Marketing?

    The year 2021 will see many necessary and quick changes in the marketing landscape and Influencer marketing is expected to take over and be a vital element of this much-needed change. The nature of digital marketing and social commerce is…

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    Digital Marketing Trends of 2021 – Part II

    Over the years, the digital marketing landscape has undergone several transformations for easier communication and better experience with the audience it targets. It is a continuous evolution process, and it brings in the much-needed change to keep pace with the…

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    Digital Marketing Trends of 2021

    The Coronavirus pandemic has furthered digital marketing by a considerable margin in the past few months. Not like it wasn’t popular before, but now, it is possibly one of the go-to methods that people are using to get their brands…

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    The World of New Social Platforms

    Content creation and content sharing are widespread today. Everybody likes making their feed attractive and despite so many applications that are already present in the market, people are constantly looking for newer methods and ways to make their feed stand…

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    Our 300 million Story

    Marketing is all about connecting with people and the message you are trying to get across to the masses. In today’s digital era, your best bet is digital marketing. Meeting customer needs digitally, having an online presence, organising campaigns -…

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    Diwali Ads That Touched Hearts

    Festivals are all about togetherness, happiness, sharing, bringing people together, and all things festive. Families and friends celebrate, reminisce, and enjoy to make a lifetime's worth of memories. However, this Diwali is a little different, as we try and go…

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    E-Commerce Campaigns That Stood Out

    E-commerce has been a game-changer during the Covid-19 pandemic as it has been constantly moulding itself into something new as per the changing requirements of the customers. Everyone has literally been cornered into choosing the online and digital mode. In…

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