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With smartphones, wearables, tablets and personal computers evolving into providing us with extended immersive experiences, there is a flood of content for everyone to read. Blame it on fast life or how the digital medium has evolved, the attention span of an average user has drastically come down in the last few years. In a recent study of 2013, it was revealed that attention span of a person on the internet is about 8 seconds, yes, that is all you really have to catch the attention of a potential customer, lead or an engagement.


No wonder, while we have all been asked to take content viral, it is a task that is tougher than it ever was before, simply because there is so much more meat in the sea and you are not the only butcher. One platform that has evolved and gradually become a launch pad of viral content is Vine. Since Vines are 6 second long, they inherently fall within the minimum attention span of the user and as a result, there are chances that a Vine done well will stick and do wonders for your brand, at least to leave a mark. You can always follow up a Vine with a featured Youtube video or a written content to push the message stronger, but that initial spur that a Vine may provide, is vital for viral.


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While shooting a Vine is as simple as tapping buttons on the screen, it is serious business now. Given you can totally take your creativity for a spin when creating a  Vine, there can never be enough to learn off. As we went brainstorming for an upcoming campaign, we came across several interesting Vines and wanted to put them all together in a place for you. So, here are our selected top Vines done by brands on digital to steal those seconds from you, effectively.

Best Buy: DIY Vines

We have all seen loads of DIY or Do it yourself videos on Youtube, learning how to boot a new phone or how to install a new software on our PC, but what if it just took 6 seconds to learn some of the tricks to help solve some of the problems we face everyday, such as tangled headphones? Yes, we would all get hooked, and therefore it is no surprise that the DIY series from Best Buy is one of the most innovative and fun series of Vines to watch. Here is an example:

GE: Good Old Science Experiments

As somebody with an Aerospace major, GE has always been a very special brand for me. Least of all the fact that I have seen them work from very close quarters, it is their ability to think radically different and project science and experiments as fun, makes me a big GE fan. They came up with a series of Vines, showcasing some of the science hacks that are pleasing to the eye. Here is what happens, when you combine milk, food color with soap:

Samsung Mobile: The Hoops

Basketball is a major overlapping interest among the target audience of any mobile brand in the US, given how popular the sport is among the youth and middle aged people. Samsung cashed upon that interest and came up with this interesting Vine where a player goes through several Samsung devices before scoring a dunk.

Adidas: The Football Evolution

Football as a game has evolved. None more so than the gear itself. From playing with unbranded pig bladder to playing with balls that swerve worse than a Halogen balloon, things are so different. Adidas showcased this evolution perfectly in a Vine at a time when the World Cup was making big stories:

Target: A Fun Activity with Vine

We have all had days where we have literally nothing to do and could do with some ideas. Target came up with a Vine that allows you to pick up an activity by simply pausing the Vine at different intervals. Very unique indeed. 

HP: #BendTheRules

HP has been running a global campaign with hashtag BendTheRules both on digital and TV. The campaign is to promote the new series of convertible laptops. They came up with a Vine which gave a sneak peek into the latest TVC, and unlike others, HP made an effort to make the Vine instead of just cutting the TVC and pushing it as a Vine:

Mashable: The Vine Studio

Vine creation is a serious business. And the process was best summed up by Mashable, a leading Social Media publication. They came up with a stop motion, time lapse of the process to outline how seriously they take their task of creating Vines. 

Dunkin Donuts: The Football Advert

American Football has always attracted massive number of eyeballs in America. No wonder, it is one of the most expensive slot for media inventory to be sold. Dunkin Donuts, played the game well with this interesting Vine where they literally scored.

Volkswagen: The Shark Week

What if you could take a ride in a VW convertible with sharks subaquatic? Volkswagen sold the idea with a Vine that was work of great imagination and some basic digital editing work to raise awareness around the activity.

Ebay: Delivery in one hour

Ebay introduced a #EbayNow program which allows the users to pick up commodities from over 100 local stores and have it delivered to you within 1 hour. Ebay created a Vine to give out all the information about #EbayNow and it worked out really well as a channel of communication.
Those were our favorite 10 Vines produced in the year gone by, with the brands that produced them. Which one is your favorite? or you have a pick of your own? Let us know in the section below or drop in comments on our Social Media page.

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