10 Reasons Why Magento Is Best eCommerce Platform



There are reasons why some CMS platforms would be considered the best e-commerce platform and be considered superior to others. The Magento eCommerce platform is one of those CMS platforms that you can be, rest assured, is one of the best online shopping platforms available. Listed are some of the reasons why.

#1. Made for eCommerce

 Unlike WordPress and other such CMS platforms, Magento was created to be an eCommerce platform.

Some of the more common e-commerce features include User Dashboards, Inventory Management, Advanced shipping and supplier management, Allows bundling of products, Built-in cross-sells and upsells capabilities, CMS option, Newsletters, and so on.

Apart from being e-commerce-friendly, they are also designed to ensure that they are easy to use and work with.

#2. Easy Integration

 More often than not though the CMS platforms have core functionalities, not all solutions are solved within the system.

They often need other apps or plugins to make working with the platform easier. The Magento eCommerce platform comes with the advantage of having an online shopping platform that can be easily integrated with ready-made plugins and apps from other developers.

Magento’s APIs are also extensible to connect to different apps like analytics, shipping and tracking, payment gateways and so on.

#3. Modular and Customizable 

 Each industry that uses CMS platforms has different needs and has to use the CMS differently. In the sense that what works with the fashion industry doesn’t work with the furniture industry.

The Magento ecommerce platform gives its users the flexibility to customize based on their specific industry needs. Given that it is an open source platform and also built primarily for ecommerce, it is highly modular and customizable.

The modular elements of this online shopping platform enable you to retain the robust back end while altering the front-end to give your users an experience that is both pleasurable and efficient.  

#4. SEO friendly

 As one of the best eCommerce platforms that are SEO friendly, apart from hosting all your information it also aids your websites such that they show up in the search engine space.

You can configure the Magento eCommerce platform to offer metadata and descriptions for products and categories, sitemaps for search engines including for Google, control over URLs and so on.  

Its source code comes built in with all this information to make its customers transition seamless and easy, saving your time while making it search friendly.

#5. Freedom to select hosting service

The Magento platform enables you to pick the host you want to go with, for your website. This means you can scout for the most economical options available and the most flexible one as well.

Additionally, it also supports seamless switching to other hosting services, provided you are not satisfied with the one you are associated with.

Also, Magento Go offers you the options to switch combined with the benefits that are available with the Magento Community edition platform.

#6. Efficiency

 Websites cannot afford to load slowly anymore. Users want instant gratification and want web pages to load instantly or they get bored and move on to the next website.

Given this, you need a solution that is on top of its game, collects all the data, and so on. It enables you to cache data, retrieves data in no time, and gives you all the tools to make sure you succeed in the ecommerce space.

 It uses Varnish for most of these things and has created a name for itself over the years as one of the best ecommerce platforms.  

#7. Open Source

Magento has 3 versions, namely, the Magento Community Edition that is free, the Magento Enterprise Edition that is paid and Magento Go that is paid and hosted on Magento’s servers; the Community Edition being the most popular of them all.

They have their own large community that is active and supports their own developer and user community.

After downloading and installing this online shopping platform for free, you can install extensions and do a whole lot of customization using the Magento Connect Marketplace. Additionally, because it is open source the platform gets updated from time to time making it more secure and reliable to protect you from hackers.

Should you have any issues, the extensive community is something you can turn to for any solutions that you might need.

#8. Mobile friendly

 Mobiles are not going anywhere, that too with the increasing growth of smartphones, and the decrease in desktop uses more and more people are using their phones to access websites and are instead accessing stuff with mobiles.

It has never been more important for an online shopping website to be mobile friendly. The Magento eCommerce Platform comes packed with mobile friendly technology such that its customers can not just use websites to promote the product but can also give them the same experience in the smartphone space.

It lets users ease into drag and drop options, audiovisuals, and control on screen size to make it accessible to mobiles and websites.

#9. Multiple websites with common backend

 Typically eCommerce websites have one site per set up. This isn’t the case with this online shopping platform.

Magento allows users to create separate and independent websites for the products such that one can run multiple websites while not needing different backend systems.

Additionally, it enables you to give a different look and feel to each of the websites, as a user, to entice your customers based on their needs.

#10. Analytical and tracking

 Magento’s ecommerce platform has recently introduced its own analytical and tracking tool called Magento’s Business Intelligence. This tool is fully customizable and is growing to be used by both business and technical users.

Finally, Magento is not afraid of its customer’s growth. This means that despite what the customer grows to and how well he or she performs; the best ecommerce platform – Magento – will work and continue to strive without penalizing you for your growth. Therefore Magento is one of the best platforms for your eCommerce business.

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