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5 Business Growth Hacks to Improve Content Marketing


Anyone who knows digital marketing is more than aware of the fact that content marketing has transformed the business scenario online. On one hand, it is more than fulfilling to see spectacular growth being generated, while on the other hand it is a lot of effort and involves dollops of…

Anyone who knows digital marketing is more than aware of the fact that content marketing has transformed the business scenario online. On one hand, it is more than fulfilling to see spectacular growth being generated, while on the other hand it is a lot of effort and involves dollops of sweat as well. So, if you wish to master a delectable recipe that works wonderfully for your palate as well as your teams’, you need to pick and choose the right ingredients, the best tools and add dedication as well in wholesome quantities. We have listed some growth hacks to improve your content marketing skills and help you move towards attaining a stupendous number of subscribers and traffic.

It’s time to grow your content marketing

If it has been an uphill task for you to grow in the content marketing space because of competition, you should go for something else altogether to make it work. Growth-hacking mostly means techniques and tactics that can help you and your business grow. These tools and techniques can take you on the path you wish to be on, expand your reach and elevate your content marketing business to new heights. So, pull up your socks and get set to implement the following 5 growth hacks to boost the growth of your content marketing business and campaigns. These hacks will help you know how to improve your services in engaging and exciting ways.

#1. Make your old content as good as new to boost reach

One of the most convenient and efficacious hacks for business growth is repurposing your old content. It takes hardly any time or effort to turn your old blog posts into imaginative and attractive YouTube videos. You can even convert them into social media posts by using them on Twitter or Facebook. These key points could be rehashed as well to take the shape of Slideshare presentations. By reusing your old content, you open up avenues in various places that you hadn’t thought of using or wanted to utilize at a later stage. This lets you expand your reach quickly and easily. The best part about this is that you already have the content in place; all you need to do is re-tune it and adapt it for various platforms. While talking about content, you could also consider changing it a bit by writing headlines that catch the eye. Headlines actually have the capability of making a world of difference to your content marketing campaign. When you grab your consumers’ attention with catchy headlines, it tends to stick and the users want to read on and know more. You can A/B test your headlines to optimize click-throughs. Remember to do it for each and every article you write, and make sure to analyze the results that come forth before you go ahead and publish or promote it. Use this epic growth hack tactic and witness how it propels your campaigns ahead.

#2. Increase the engagement of your users with gamification

The video game industry has been going strong and grossing billions annually without any intention of stopping, and content marketing businesses can learn a few lessons from this industry. Gamification is easy, and it’s engaging as well. It lets you turn non-gaming activities into plays and games that can appeal to potential customers. So, all you need to work on is transferring the love that users have for games into your content marketing campaigns. With the right tools and techniques such as several imaginative WordPress plugins, the gamification process becomes child’s play, and you can make your blog look fresh by gamifying it and other pieces of your content with unique user profiles, patches and achievements. If you look at popular examples, TripAdvisor makes users feel special by awarding badges and levels to them once their reviews reach a particular quantum. This tactic is sure to help you increase your users and people will want more of it once they get hooked.

#3. Go social and promote your content to relevant groups

It’s a no-brainer that you need to use social media groups to enhance your content engagement and grow your user base. Relevant social media groups can help you add value, while – at the same time – aid in the promotion of your latest content. All you have to do is participate in the conversation of the groups you join. Once users notice your presence and take your word seriously, your content will get shared like never before. Your latest videos, blogs, whitepapers etc. will get promoted with almost no effort from your end. But you need to remember that you are the only player playing this game. With the vast ocean of information that social media has to offer, it is extremely easy for your content to get lost. So, you have to be conscious of the fact that your posts need to be shared not just once but many times in the course of the day. And fear not, publishing your content at various times of the day will not put off your users or negatively impact your campaign. In fact, studies have shown that this is a wonderful way to keep your profiles visible as well as relevant.

#4. Test your CTAs to increase conversions

What good would content creation be if it was unable to generate conversions from it? All of us know that an effective tactic to achieve this is by creatively designing content pop-ups that have a distinct call-to-action. This CTA should be user-friendly and not annoying in the slightest. Also, by testing the call-to-action buttons, conversions can be increased by up to 13%. So, it obviously makes no sense to neglect this aspect, and it takes very little time to implement it. With some A/B testing, you can identify the colors that work best for you, sizes that are just right, wordings and their positions etc. You will realize sooner than later that they are eye-catching, and the visitors actually stop to notice them.

#5. Talk to the users’ emotions

By engaging your consumers in an emotional manner, you can add to the success of your content marketing campaign. If you identify what can trigger an open and sensitive response in the consumer, viewer or reader, be assured that your content will get shared. And while we are talking about sharing content, make sure that it not short and sweet – it needs to be in-depth. Write longer and more emotive posts, and you will see your users turning into your salespeople. In fact, even Google appreciates long pieces of content that are uniquely presented and are detailed. Invest your time, research well and come up with content that emotionally engages your audience if you want them to pass on your content.

Wrapping up

There are a lot more ingredients you could add on, but the ones mentioned above – if implemented well – can take your content marketing business to dizzying heights, irrespective of whether you are a new kid on the block or an old hand. So, get the combination right to maximize the flavours, optimize the blend and watch yourself grow in the content marketing area. You May Also Be Interested In

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