Top 3 Reasons to Use Social Commerce for Brands



What is social commerce and why are brands using it? Social commerce is when brands use different social media platforms to create a customized experience for their brand followers and a more specific in-app shopping experience. More simply, it brings online shopping to social media platforms.

Happy customers love to share what they’ve purchased or experienced. Social media make it easy for them to do so. In a way, social media are an extension of the word of mouth brand awareness and increase brand followers.

Facebook, Pinterest and even Twitter have specific business pages and buttons to allow for in-app purchases. This makes it easy for customers to shop on their favorite social media platforms and make purchases without even leaving the site, even though the likes of Nike are reaping considerably greater benefits from social networks than mere increase in sales.

Social commerce offers a variety of benefits for business ranging from boosting sales and traffic to follower engagement and overall website traffic.

Here are the top three reasons to use social commerce:

1. Continual Follower Growth

Every day, thousands of new users sign up for social media accounts adding to the already millions of users worldwide. Social media have a wealth of people for ecommerce businesses to target and add to their growing number of followers.

2. Higher Ranking in Search Engine

E-commerce businesses active on social media have higher volume of traffic on their websites. They deliberately link their social media to their websites. With more traffic on their website, it climbs the ranks in the search engine results.

3. Organic Traffic and Follower Growth

Since there are millions of users across multiple social media marketing services platforms, you don’t have to pay for leads anymore. You can target the right audience with your posts and pages.

Want to know even more how brands use social commerce?

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