#IamPearl – Reputation Management Case Study

#IamPearl – A reputation management case study

Integrated Digital First PR & Content Marketing using influencers & advocates


The Pearl Academy was embroiled in a viral crisis post receiving the UGC order on closure of the institution, its Degree courses and collaboration with foreign institutes. The university was hit with this order and soon it witnessed media reportage around it. Multiple stories floated highlighting the court orders and the bigger challenge was the timing of this news. The story broke during the time when college admissions are at its peak. More than 10 Lakh students had given their class 12th examinations that year and were about to sit for the entrances. Not only
did the story build negative sentiment around the university, it also hampered the overall reputation/ image of Pearl Academy.

The objective of the integrated campaign was to bring full coordination of an organization’s response to a crisis, in an efficient, timely manner, with the goal of avoiding or minimizing damage to the organization’s profitability, reputation, or ability to operate. The campaign was designed to counterfeit the negative sentiment about the institution and develop positive talks across the nation. We set out a plan to drive conversations around the legacy of the brand and create a strong brand recall through traditional, digital and new media platforms.


Education is an investment towards a better life. The strategy towards managing the crisis at Pearl Academy was born out of the few parameters which any individual address before investing in education – brand reputation, academic quality, and brand legacy. The campaign #IAmPearl was focussed on three pillars- Control, Converse and Connect. Using the best of PR, content marketing, video marketing and social platforms to connect with the students and faculty of the institution was developed.

Parallel to the on-going conversations with the institution advocates, the campaign focused on reaching out to the alma maters of the institution and developed content on the pedigree of the tutelage.

The strategy strived to drive organic conversations through the campaign #IAMPearl controlling the apprehension on the brand and curating content through influencer associations, testimonials & parallel hosted campaigns

The focus of the campaign was aimed to reduce negative conversation about the brand and create a strong word of mouth to attract the target audience. We focused on making our communication and content our strength leading to organic trends and organic impression. With the news spreading like wild fire, the case required a quick turnaround. Any delay could have caused a major and irredeemable impact on the brand’s reputation, profitability and student intakes.

Execution of the campaign

The campaign unrolled in two phases. The first phase focussed on creating and curating content on the social and digital platform while the second phase included PR strategies on traditional platform and amplification of curated content on the digital platform. The campaign #IAmPearl focused on engaging with leading fashion bloggers, lifestyle influencers, students and alma mater of the institution. The engagement was through blogs, Instagram pictures, and videos.


We ushered in conversation by unveiling the campaign #IAmPearl on Twitter with the students of the institution. It focussed on the goodwill of the brand and the trust bank the students had associated with The Pearl Academy. The conversations had no mention of the on-going crisis and tuned with the exposure it offered to students from the career perspective.
Simultaneously the institutions Alma meter joined the campaign and associated their professional success with the institution through participating in #IAmPearl


To build on the association with the brand we created and curated videos on #IAmPearl. The content was cross-promoted across different social channels.


On the parallel lines, we did bloggers relationship to develop content on professional success with the help of the institution’s esteemed faculty and educational guidance. The content made the brand trend across social and digital platforms from the positive lens and overshadowed the growing apprehensions. The curated content amplified through SEO.

In phase 2, the curated data was further seeded across social media channels, and a nationwide press release disseminated focussing on the brand recall.

Campaign Results

So far, #IAmPearl campaign has delivered


1250+ tweets


45M reach


90+ published blog


81 PR articles leveraged across
traditional and online media

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