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    12 Must Watch TED Talks For CMO’s

    TED talks are the short stories from some of the most influential and an engaging speakers around the world. They’re full of insights on the endless range of topics from human nature to scientific breakthroughs to trends in designs. They’re…

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    10 Facts that Prove the Value of Having a Blog on Your Website

    With the emergence of the digital era, two-way communication process has diversified into computer-mediated communication these days. Blogs have frequently become a source to generate content on websites and connect to millions of users on the internet. Text, pictures and…

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    Will AI Replace Writers and Content Marketers?

    With computers taking a toll on humans, there will be a time when AI will completely take over us and our jobs. “While automation will eliminate very few occupations entirely in the next decade, it will affect portions of almost…

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    Morality & Marketing: Creating an Ethical Promotion Campaign

    The online landscape has transformed marketing. What used to be a relatively straightforward practice now includes endless digital tricks that can significantly improve company visibility and attract new customers. However, these somewhat underhanded tactics have raised questions of credibility previously…

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    Benchmarks and Trends of Demand Generation for SaaS Marketers

    Marketing can be a remarkable tool to accelerate your business growth, but only when it is strategically and smoothly utilized in operations. Attracting strangers, converting them into leads, closing leads to customers and delighting the customers so they act as…

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    Rise of Hashtag trademarking, AMP – the secret of Adwords success, 24% SMBs see positive ROI on Facebook: This Week In Digital

    Have a look at some of the most exciting things happening in the Digital space. 64% Hashtags trademarked this year Hashtag trademarking started almost 6 years ago in 2010. Well! This year the number spiked to 64% with U.S having…

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    15 Smart Ways to Promote Your YouTube Videos

    YouTube is not just for posting silly, weird and pointless video contents, it’s a visual social network poised for serious content marketing. It’s a highly effective business tool to demonstrate your expertise, create brand awareness, share knowledge, promote events, engage…

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    Personality Traits and Workplace Culture

    Have you ever asked yourself, “What organisation would be right for me?” or “Why do I continue to work this organisation?” If so, it may be time to evaluate the relationship between you and your company. It is important to…

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