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    Get to know how vaccination works! 💉

    LET’S CHECK OUT HOW VACCINES SLAY COVID! India has started one of the biggest vaccine drives around the world considering its large population, now we certainly have some common questions in mind about the vaccination process and the vaccines. We…

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    How Safe Are Vaccines & How To Get Your Slot? 💉

    HOW SAFE ARE VACCINES?   In the backdrop of reports questioning the safety of the vaccines, the DCGI has said both Covishield and Covaxin are safe Covid-19 vaccines. DCGI VG Somani categorically said, “BOTH vaccines are 110 percent safe. Some…

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    PREVENTION IS BETTER THAN CURE   SOMETIMES ‘TOO CHEESY’ IS GOOD! The swiss cheese is not edible, but it can save lives. In the ongoing conversation about how to defeat the coronavirus, experts have made reference to the “Swiss cheese…

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    Post Covid Recovery

    Let’s start on a POSITIVE note! We are all in this together and we will get through this together! - A true ARManion 💪 Some of us are still not sleeping well, sanitisers are making our hands dry, and our…

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