Celebrating Int'l Women's Day, because #SheIs so we are!



A mother, a sister, a wife, girlfriend, friend, teacher, team mate she plays many roles immaculately because #SheIs

#SheIs who brings life to this world
#SheIs the one who brings beauty to our world
#SheIs the power
#SheIs the might
The breeze the light the smile make up for what #SheIs

Every woman we see around is an achiever in her own might, mom, sister, wife, maybe even the maid who takes care of our house! The last century saw a huge change in women, they came out of the confines of the four walls called home and started doing things traditionally meant for men to do.

In the indian context we have examples ranging from Rani Lakshmi Bai to Sarojini Naidu to Indira Gandhi and our Moms, well our moms have done what no generation before this did, they managed home, office , children and they ensured their daughters got what they deserved “Freedom”. Freedom of owning #SheIs what #SheIs!

This Women’s Day lets take a moment to salute the achievers to pay respect to those who the initiators and to those who bared it all. Let us pledge to be with her, #SheIs so we are.

#ARM Worldwide takes immense pride in all the women in the #ARM family and believes that every woman here has it in her to lead us on our oath of success because #SheIs.

Wishing the ARM Women the future full of all that they deserve.

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