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A day to mark the glory of women or a day for the better halves- International Women’s Day. The world has been celebrating this day for about 100 years now to commemorate the achievements of women in various fields.

There has been a constant struggle for females; It baffles my mind that not even 100 years are enough to bring gender equality in this world. Let us keep the critical thought aside for a moment and acknowledge those who are working strenuously to create that equality between the sexes.

Leaders like Emma Watson and Malala Yousufzai have been the pioneers of women rights and equality.

Coming back to the core topic, when people talk about their inspirations, you will always find an individual who has achieved prominence in their field, and people who aspires to conquer their dreams in a similar way. To reach these goals, you need to be mentally and physically prepared.

We at #ARM Worldwide understands the importance of dreams.  We don’t go far to find inspiration. For us, Radhika from the Social Media team who aspires to be a writer, Nishtha from SEO team, who loves baking and want to open a bakery and Aanchal from Brand Solutions team who endeavours to bring the rural artisans from her roots and give them the platform are the real inspirations of our company.

To mould their aspirations girls also shared their role models on the social pages along with few inspirations they have taken from them.

This International Woman’s Day, we celebrated their dreams, starting the day with a spine-straightener message and a flower to each of the lady in the house. Letting her know, #SheIs the greatest gift to humankind and nothing can come between her and her dreams.

The day continued with a kick-ass self-defence workshop which brought out the ladies out of their shell and helped them to be fearless and more confident. After a tiring session, the girls dived in for some delicious pizza.

If you are imagining, what about the men of the house? Well, people who are familiar with our #SheIs campaign from last year would easily recall the activity, but for the eyes, we created a Facebook app where people can log in and give adjectives to every lady of the house and share it on social media.

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