Coke's "Taste the Feeling" and Uber's self-rediscovery: This Week In Digital - #ARM Worldwide



We are back! After a short break, we are resuming our weekly feature on the blog #ThisWeekInDigital. We kicking off the comeback with Coke’s biggest change in years, a mind child of what world’s most valuable startup sees for itself and Drake. Following are the top picks in This Week in Digital, from the first roundup of February 2016.

‘Taste the Feeling’ with Coke’s new jingle (and other songs)

Not a new beginning but a new creation of Coke has been kicked-off this week. Coca-Cola bid adieu to ‘Open Happiness’ and welcomed ‘Taste the Feeling’ with a new gesture. Following the trend to come up with brilliant and unique campaigns, this time, they played well with their musical roots. Their new campaign with the tagline Taste the Feeling touch upon various jingles and has given a modern twist to available songs. Six video spots feature different emotions and portrays special feelings with Coke.

Apart from Anthem ads, they showed a strong bond between brothers and their mischievous love with a folksy version of ‘Hey Brother’ by Music Producer Avicii, with whom they are working since 2011. Another video beautifully carved what Coca-Cola means to us through combining different words and landing to a meaning, ‘Taste the Feeling’. Another spot features a passionate couple’s break-up with a song “Made for You”. One of their spots also illustrated young people’s personal struggle and gave it an extra cover of a pop song, “Under Pressure” from the late David Bowie and Queen.

In one of his interview, global CMO of Coke Mr. de Quinto said, “The bigness of Coca-Cola resides in this humbleness, in its simplicity.” Adding a varied yet, the same feeling to taste the Coca-Cola has been set as their benchmark to reach out to their audience. All future campaigns will now see the “Taste of Feeling” communication and humane at centre.

Uber rebrands itself to everyone’s surprise

After hitting a valuation of $68 Billion, Uber is no longer a star rookie in the game. Instead, from where they see, they are creating the game. To lose the old avatar of a “cab service”, Uber started with rediscovering their place in the market. Now a major services aggregator, Uber initiated a rebranding to align itself to their new company outlook and planned future.

This week, their CEO Travis Kalanick wrote a press release himself, announcing that Uber has rebranded itself. The key constituents are a new logo in text and two conceptual elements called the bit and the atom. The logo type is much neater and sharper than the previous curvy “U” typeface. The bit, a square block, represents the service and its technology at core. The atom, a circular block, represents the ecosystem. While some experts found it fascinatingly creative, others called it a mess. Somewhere, Uber played with their brand recall across 68 countries. The consumer side of the story is yet to erupt, which so far is neutral than hurtful.

Instagram is running T-Mobile’s one minute long Drake spot

Instagram seems unstable with their advertising platform. While their formats gained quick popularity, they still seem to be bending the rules once in a while. Instagram’s two most popular ad formats are carousel images and promoted video. The promoted video format works just like YouTube’s TrueView. The advertiser has to be pay when the user has watched 3 secs of his 15-30 second video ad.

We’re in the #BigGame with @ChampagnePapi. #YouGotCarriered

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This time, they gave a pass to T-Mobile, who are running their one-minute long spot, featuring Drake on Instagram. It is working out really well for them as well. This is a first of its length format on Instagram and it surely leaves a scope for longer advertising methods in future. However, users will continue to be capped at 15 seconds for sharing their videos.


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