Concluding the Web Summit 2016, Lisbon: Day #4 - #ARM Worldwide




10 Facts – Web Summit 2016, Lisbon

  1. 72000 people (19000 youngsters for single day events) from 166 countries joined us in Lisbon for Web Summit.
  2. Female/male gender ratio at Web Summit 2016 is 42% to 58%
  3. India is one of the 20 most represented countries
  4. 677 speakers at websummit 2016, including politicians, footballers, singers, tycoons, unicorns, founders, etc
  5. 1490 startups across the globe showcased at the exhibition – 135 START, most promising startups. 270 BETA, growth-stage, while 1,080 ALPHA, early-stage.
  6. 968 took part in Mentor Hours scheme with 278 mentors 
  7. 2000 international media participating/covering the event
  8. 1319 top tech investors attended websummit 2016
  9. 4million views on Facebook Live
  10. 37000 km of fibre cable 


Most inspiring moment at Web Summit
Day 4 at Web Summit, I met someone and she blew many of us – ‘Mariéme Jamme‘, Founder & CEO, I AM THE CODE. 



Mariéme grew up in rural Senegal, from an oligarch mother who gave her away at an early-age and later was raised in various foster houses including in an orphanage and then trafficked as a young prostitute to Paris. She experienced considerable hardship during her childhood and did not have a formative education until the age of 16 years old, when she taught herself how to read and write.
Most creative moment at Websummit
Someone walks up to you and says, ‘hey, which place do you think you spend time to get most creative ideas?’ and then he takes you to a point where all were standing with a smile and staring at the stark reality.
Web Summit is a brilliant event, brain child of Paddy Cosgrave, an Irish entrepreneur. A must attend to know what’s happening around the globe on technology front, whether its about AI, VR, AR, Hyper Local products or social technologies or new / upcoming new business models or digital marketing solutions, etc.
It’s massive so go well prepared, week legs won’t work and ensure that energy levels remain high day & night as the it happens across the city and it’s running in the day & in the night (night summit for networking).
Exhibition area had 3 pavilions with 3 kinds of exhibitors (point 5 above) and they are on rotation basis (details in one of the previous post on web summit). Sections are well marked, follow the roof and be clear in what you want to know, learn, partner with or get business from or network to hire, etc.
I will surely be attending web summit again however will skip a year and then go back, may be by then its back in Dublin, Ireland. 
Tip for startups – there is a stage available for you to pitch your service or product to a panel and win an investment; Web Summit is one of such opportunities and a formidable one.

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