This Week in Digital: Digital Advertisements are no longer effective, Smartwatches are everywhere, Twitter pairs up with Safari

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This week in digital, we bring to you the most talked about news across the online space. Here you go!

Display advertisements not effective anymore?

A report by Forrester claims that US marketers wasted roughly $7.4 billion in 2016 on display ads alone.

Out of which, only 40% was seen by people. Meanwhile, a mushrooming number of US adults have installed ad blockers to dodge these types of disruptions.

Data says:

  • In US, 50% of US online adults avoid ads on websites, while 47% avoid mobile in-application advertisements.
  • 67% trust online surveys while 47% trust display advertisements that occur next to search results. In US, the average click-through rate of a display advertisement is 0.35%
  • In US 38% of online adults have installed an ad blocker.
  • In US, the average click-through rate of a display advertisement is 0.35%

Smart wearables are in

smart wearables armworldwide

  • According to the research conducted by  Interactive Data Corporation, the smart wearables Market’s sale grew to 6.12 lakh units in the first quarter of 2017 and it is expected to grow at Double digit in June.
  • The basic model which costs around $50 dominates 78.6% of the market.

Twitter redesign its mobile apps

Twitter redesign its mobile apps

Twitter made an improvisation of its mobile apps, sites and Tweet Deck to make the social network look less chaotic. Twitter would now be using Apple’s Safari View controller which would give them the liberty to block advertisements. Apple’s Safari View Controller would work like old Safari browser. For instance, usage of AutoFill on Safari for filling up forms using information — like contact information, usernames and passwords — they can now use it when viewing a web page without Twitter being able to access that data.

Stay tuned for more digital world’s insights.

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