Digital Marketing - What to expect in 2023



The impact of digital marketing has forever changed the way companies positioned themselves in the market and communicated with customers. Post the development of computing and business intelligence systems, digital marketing has transformed the way brands communicate with their audience. Artificial Intelligence, Metaverse, Social Media – it has now become central to almost every brand to include them in their marketing and media plans. 

The digital marketing trends for 2023 are an essential aspect that brands are watching out for to skyrocket their businesses. From SMEs to large organizations, it is crucial to incorporate the latest marketing trends into marketing strategies to stay relevant and competitive in today’s market. 

With continuously evolving tools, algorithm updates, and technologies, keeping up with digital marketing trends can be overwhelming. However, the trick to keeping abreast of trends in the adage is to work smarter, not harder. For brands to stay on top of current and future trends, we have listed down what marketers can expect in the digital space in 2023: 

Relying heavily on data

In the era where brands are engaging digitally with their customers, it is important to use the collected data to make decisions. Data helps businesses determine how well the digital marketing strategies have performed for the targeted population and make required adjustments in areas of improvement. The collected data is valuable for marketing and sales teams to focus on qualified leads and A/B testing of messaging, emails, creatives, and strategies. With the help of marketing automation, brands get real-time insights into user engagement and campaign performance, making their strategies more effective. 

Boom in live audio interactions

Live audio interactions in social media are rapidly evolving. Multiple social media platforms are now making a shift towards active interaction with customers via dialogues. These interactions enable brands to portray their most authentic selves by promoting better empathy and accessibility. With a surge in social audio, businesses must make the most of this social media trend in 2023 by incorporating the same in their channel-specific strategies. Additionally, marketers can also make use of audio interactions for a Tête-à-Tête on brand-specific topics. These discussions will be a new form of UGC, with free-flowing conversations as attendees will be providing all the required content. 


Live Audio Interactions


Youth-centered marketing

Gen Z isn’t just the upcoming generation of consumers; they are the current generation, with a solid capacity of purchasing power under their belt. In addition to their impressive power as consumers, Gen Zers are trail-blazing how the audience views and interacts with brands. This generation chooses to connect with brands that truly appeal to them and the way they communicate – they expect brands to be extremely honest, down-to-earth, authentic, and transparent. The younger generation isn’t pro to the feeling of being sold a product; they expect it to be more imaginative or experiential. This generation is more inclined to consume short-form video content, which comprises eye-catching visuals that appeal to their values. Brands need to frame their identity around their tastes. 

Leveraging Pinterest marketing

Pinterest has recently gained immense popularity, with over 442 million active users each month. This visual search engine is an excellent platform for brands to reach out to new target audiences and increase brand and product awareness. Many brands would leverage this paid media trend in 2023 to introduce their brand to new and potential customers, utilizing a distinctive approach to sell their products or services. The ads on Pinterest appear in the same format as a usual Pin on the users’ feed. Consistent pinning of ads will guarantee more engagement for brands. 

Augmented reality becomes mainstream

In an effort to grab user attention and boost sales, more and more brands would heavily rely on augmented reality in 2023. The global augmented and virtual reality technologies market is expected to reach around $142.4 billion by 2023. With the pandemic adversely affecting the stores globally, more and more brands have started to heavily invest in augmented reality to power sales growth. According to Statista, around 1.4 billion users would shift to augmented reality by 2023, which makes it a discernible digital marketing trend for brands.

AR Shopping Experiences

The future of digital marketing for brands

There is a lot of room for progression in the digital space. Agencies and brands need to make use of these digital marketing trends in their strategies to secure increased sales, digital followings, and brand loyalty. Brands that get ahead of these advancements in the next year are well set to be ahead of the curve in 2024 and every year to come. 



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