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It’s that time of the week again where all off us cannot wait to just turn the lights out at our workstations and go back home and rest for the weekend. Yes, that is how slow, cold Fridays go just about everywhere. So without taking away much of the time, lets jump into everything that was interesting in the world of digital marketing this week. Like every week, we promise to keep everything short, the introduction to the post definitely must have validated our argument, and add in the links where you could gather more information in case you need to on the topic.

Lacoste hosts a wonderful #Spotthecroc campaign on Snapchat

Snapchat is a rage among teenagers today. You really must be a billion years old and living under a rock not to know about the popularity of Snapchat by now. Used as a disposable image sharing service, Snapchat has been used by several brands to come up with extremely innovative campaigns. Using the newly released feature of sharing videos, Lacoste has taken to Snapchat to run a viral Social Media campaign. The campaign sees a new video released every couple of weeks, where the users have to snap the legendary Lacoste crocodile among the different visuals, and handful of those who successfully do it, will be gratified with discounts on their purchase from

Amazon planning to enter the travel space?


After making buzz in the E-Com world, Amazon plans to bring brick and mortar stores in parts of the US. But that is old news. According to the latest buzz, Amazon is eyeing up the travel industry and in 2015, will open a hotel reservation portal. It will tie up with hand-picked hotels in regions like New York, Seattle and Los Angeles for an advanced booking whereby the hotels can upload all the relevant information on the portal while the reservations will be confirmed via E-Mail. The model will se Amazon take 15% of the cut from the revenue post booking. More on the same here.

Twitter brings the official Vine Plugin for WordPress

Vine Plugin

Twitter wants the Vines that you embed on your WordPress hosted sites to look beautiful. As a result, it has come out with the official plugin for WP that will help you embed Vine on the site and automatically adjust the width to the content width so things look neat and not cluttered. The plugin is based on the Vine OEmbed API and will require you to just enter the Vine URL for it to show up the Vine. Twitter stated:

The plugin automatically adjusts displayed Vine embeds to the content width of your theme. Vine’s embed JavaScript is asynchronously loaded through WordPress’ JavaScript resource manager for improved performance and extensibility.

Apple will push Beats Audio to every smartphone starting 2015


It looks like the confusion around the future of Beats Audio post its acquisition by Apple will be resolved next year. Financial Times has reported that Apple will push Beats as a default application on its iPhones starting next year. This would make Beats the third digital music option on an iPhone post the iTunes Radio and iTunes application from which users can download music. It is not clear why would anyone use Beats Audio given the database of iTunes, but it would be an added option. The service will remain a premium paid service and more details can be expected with the next major OS overhaul from Apple.

Check out this Awesome Initiative by Pizza Hut as they go on a rebranding spree

It is a well-known fact that nothing gives us more kick than doing something that we are told not to do. Every time someone says don’t, we say why not. Pizza Hut is taking a very bold step by doing exactly this as it going on a massive rebranding initiative. The new and bold Pizza Hut is basing its content strategy around producing digital content that sees the original Pizza manufacturers from Italy diss the new awesome offerings from Pizza Hut. Pizza Hut hopes to instill the feeling of a new world with the campaign and catch the attention of the 20-year-old something target audience.

Twitter lets you share tweets via DMs

Share tweets

In yet another major feature add-on, Twitter will allow its users to share tweets directly via a Direct Message to anybody on the timeline. You can long press on the tweet when on mobile, and simply DM the tweet to a friend. We wonder whether a move like this would kill away some of the sly posting that happens on the Time Line but definitely it is an interesting feature to bring.

Resource Share of the Week: Fashionistas  buying on mobile


Shopping on mobile is the latest trend and we all do it all the time. Be it quickly plucking an item which was on sale or simply impulse buying cause we are bored, we have all been there and done it. But if you are running a mobile portal, it is fair to say that fashionistas would be a large segment of your target audience. So how do they influence the buying? Above is an infographic on the same.

With that, we come to the end of the digital roundup for this week. We hope to have your attention in the coming week on the same day. Till then, make sure to be following us on our Social Media profiles for regular updates on digital and the happenings at #ARM Worldwide.

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