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Its the final friday before the festivities kick in and needless to say we are super excited. As you are aware that Diwali is the time that kicks off the holiday season in India and therefore a lot of us will be joining up with our families away from our family that is #ARM and taking part in the festivities. So, before we all head off to decorate and clean our places and turn the decorative lights on, lets do what we do every friday and quickly round up all the happenings of the digital world. As every week, we will keep the coverage short and attach appropriate links where you can pick up more information.

Have you shot your #DonutSelfie?

Remember the 100 day challenges that went viral on Social Media? It was a brainchild of Karen X. Cheng, who now, has come up with what is called the #DonutSelfie. We all have been bitten by the Selfie bug and the #DonutSelfie is just taking things to a new level. It requires you to take a short video in a circular fashion as though you are sitting inside a donut and plenty of people are participating in the fun campaign. In fact, a whole website has been set up in order to help you understand what a #DonutSelfie is right here.

Twitter to put audio on your timeline using Audio Cards


Twitter is planning to make your timeline a little more melodious. Twitter has partnered with services like Soundcloud and is talks with the likes of itunes, o bring soundcards to the timeline. This way, you would be able to listen to the tracks that the artists you follow, tweet from their accounts right from the timeline. The concept is raw and apparently the sound card simply plays automatically, which could be an annoyance in public. Yet, it once again emphasis, Twitter’s strategy of partnering with more and more content creators to make Twitter a bit more comprehensive and complete experience. The soundcard experience will initially roll out on just the Android and iOS official Twitter apps.

Whisper denies tracking users against their consent

The popular anonymous chatting application, Whisper has denied tracking users even though they have their location tracking turned off. The Guardian had claimed that, Whisper had “developed an in-house mapping tool that allows its staff to filter and search GPS data, pinpointing messages to within 500 meters of where they were sent”. Whisper has now responded to the claim saying, Whisper does not collect nor store any personally identifiable information (PII) from users and is anonymous. To be clear, Whisper does not collect nor store: name, physicaladdress, phone number, email address, or any other form of PII. The privacy of our users is not violated in any of the circumstances suggested in the Guardian story”

Facebook Announces Safety Check to help you inform your friends that you are safe

Introducing Safety Check from Facebook on Vimeo.

In its quest to take over the world, or at least attempt to, Facebook has introduced a new Safety Check feature, which will allow you to inform your loved ones that you are safe. The way it works is, that Facebook app will detect your location and if it is one of those locations that are affected by a disaster, the feature will give you an option to simply inform via an update that you are safe in the distressed area. Facebook announced that they have been working on the feature post the learnings of the earthquake and Tsunami in Japan in 2011.

Google Play Download are 60% higher that App Store, even though revenues on App Stores are higher

App downloads

Google Play downloads were 60% higher than those when compared to Apple’s iOS store in the previous quarter. This is a significant improvement from 25% lead that Android enjoyed at this point last year. The rise in the numbers have been down to the popularity in emerging markets like Brazil and India. However, despite the numbers, the indexed revenue on iOS remains higher when compared to Android, validating why developers still prefer to go the iOS route first and Android second despite smaller download numbers.

Resource share of the week: Infographic on the average page performance of September 2014

One of the things we have all done in our time managing digital networks is own a Facebook Page. However, there are very few barometers against which you can compare how your page is performing. Therefore, we were glad to come across an infographic via Inside Facebook which detailed the average performance of a page as of September 2014. This way you can match the numbers and easily deduce whether your page is doing well or some radical changes are called for.

Facebook- Average Page


With that, we come to an end of the roundup for this week. Do join us for the same next week, in the mean time, make sure you are following us on our social media profiles for regular updates.

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