8 Essential Digital Marketing Strategies for Financial Services



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The digital space is evolving rapidly with the technological advancements that are taking place. Every industry is shifting its focus from product improvisation to customer satisfaction. The finance industry should also gear up if they want to survive in the market and retain their customers. Amongst all the other sectors, it is essential for the finance industry to adapt to this digital transformation as quickly as possible because the ones that do will thrive, while others will have to fight to survive.

The digital landscape is progressing daily, which makes it imperative for financial companies to go digital and employ strategies that can help them grow and retain customers. For this, financial service providers should make use of specific digital marketing strategies that can help them maintain their market position and gain an edge over their competition.

Financial marketers must realise the need to move from traditional forms of marketing to the newer ones to reach their target market where they are readily available.

Customer Retention is the Key

With everything happening at the click of a button, customers today expect smooth and hassle-free services from every brand they deal with. Moreover, for the finance industry, where customers are at the pivot of the business, it becomes necessary to retain customers before they move to the competitors. For this, they should provide unmatched customer services and should be available at their beck and call to support and guide them throughout their buying journey.

Create Valuable Content

It is essential that financial service providers also focus on creating awareness among the consumers. It is necessary because, even though consumers are using financial products, there is still not much awareness and clarity about these products and services. Indeed, brands that will create content that is informative and valuable for their target market will build trust among them and in turn will gain an edge over their competitors.

Video is the New Content

Evidently, video content has been taking over textual content in a big way, as consumers today find videos more engaging. Therefore, financial companies should emphasise on creating informative video content as it is visually more appealing, attracts higher levels of engagement and creates positive SOV (Share of Voice).

Mobile Responsive Design

Today, consumers are using smartphones for performing all their tasks, no matter how big or small. Therefore, it is crucial for financial companies to build websites that are mobile responsive. They should work on delivering enhanced and smooth user experience with minimum page load time so that the user does not switch. Finance companies can also consider creating mobile applications to facilitate smooth banking and other financial transactions for the consumers.

Inbound Marketing

Marketers of tomorrow know that to retain customers, they should produce marketing that customers love. For this, they need to start marketing the inbound way. Inbound marketing is nothing but marketing your products and services to your target audience, using content that is personalised and specially created to address the needs of the buyers during their buying journey.

Marketing Automation

Marketing automation is one of the best and the most significant marketing strategy that marketers should utilise. It means automating your marketing processes using software like HubSpot, which can help in saving your time and resources that can be better employed for other operations that require human intervention.

Social Media

Social media provides every industry with the most accessible and most cost-effective platforms to interact with their customers. Financial marketers should exploit social media to its full potential to market their products and services to the target audience.

Customer-Centric Retail Banking

Finance companies have always been focusing on product innovation to satisfy their customers. However, with the technological advancements and the evolving digital world, finance companies should shift their focus from product innovation to customer-centric products. They should emphasise on creating products and services that can best suit the needs and preferences of the consumers.

Incorporating these financial digital marketing strategies into your marketing plans is essential for every financial marketer to attract more customers and retain the existing ones. Customers are at the pivot of every finance industry and focusing on them to create products and services that meet their requirements will surely entice them to prefer you over your competitors.

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