Exploring 1000 Startups at the Web Summit 2016, Lisbon: Day #3 - #ARM Worldwide



At Web Summit, over a thousand startups (a pessimistic assumption – 3 pavilions and in each there are tree categories of exhibitors Alpha, Beta & Starts) exhibit every day and close to 80-85% of the startups are there only for a day, which means there is still a lot of work to do here inWeb Summit, Lisbon.

And the real work will start once we are back in India on our work desk, with real situations of current business, current customers, employees, partners, etc etc and need for innovation & expansion will ensure that we keep working on the intellectual capital earned here atWeb Summit. Just to give you a flavour some of the startup directors snapshots from different days and different pavilions


Facebook has launched @Workplace now; saying now as this was the logical next step to do for them and this should have ideally happened few years back and that would have ensured that Facebook could have been the only channel for networking professional or personal.

Even now Facebook @workplace is more like a better yammer however power of convergence of the two lives people are living on Facebook is yet to be explored (may be work is in progress).

Two nice / interesting things which we came across yesterday at the summit were this guy with a ice team machine on his back and offering people tea. He is a promoter and works for various brands on a project to project basis, this guy is superb, his convincing skills and conviction is awesome and the product – ice tea was really refreshing and just for fun, creating curiosity are these promoters on soar boards


Team at Web Summit has done a fantastic job by creating multiple smaller summits within this huge summit and one of the most celebrated one is #nightsummit.

We met 100’s of people there from different nationalities and amongst all one of the most interesting conversation happened with a 29 year old gentleman, born in Dubai, studying Ph.D. in Amsterdam, therefore a Doctor, originally from Pakistan. We had a great laugh, discussed politics, growth, love, hatred, barriers and opportunity called life.

And Day 4 last day begins.


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