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April is here and so is the new Financial year with new plans, new strategies and new ambitions. Yet, what has not changed is the spirit and that innate ambition to be the best at what we do. As Digital consultants one of the things we hold very dear is the fact that we stay well up to date with all the happenings and things around us in the industry. One way to facilitate this is with our regular feature called Digital Roundup of the Week, where we race across all that is important and happening in the world of Digital Media and Marketing. With this being a long weekend thanks to Good Friday tomorrow, we are a day early.

So without keeping you waiting, here is what made headlines this week:

Facebook announces Riffs- a video collaboration app


Facebook has announced a new Android application which allows you to shoot videos, tag them with an appropriate title and share it among your friends from Facebook. These friends can then view the video as well as simply add a clip which is pertaining to that title to make it a collaborative effort. These friends can then further share the video with their set of friends, making it an absolutely frenzy of collaborations. You can also download the application and try it out from Google Play.

Coca Cola’s Wish upon a Coke campaign will move you to tears

Coca Cola has a nag of coming up with campaigns that emotionally move you in ways you did not really think it was possible. The Wish upon a Coke campaign was a similar initiate where Coke set up several Wish booths at places and made some of the wishes come true as a surprise to the people. What followed was a highly emotionally charged video outlining the brand and its broader interests in spreading smiles across the globe.

 Tesla comes up with the best April Fool’s Day Prank as it trolls Apple’s Watch


Yesterday was April Fool’s Day and possibly the one day to avoid any Press Release and taking it seriously. Tesla came up with Model W which was the supposed smart watch. The prank took jibes at the Apple Watch and was a good bit of banter. Here is the entire text from the release:

PALO ALTO, Calif., April 1, 2015 – Tesla today announced a whole new product line called the Model W. As many in the media predicted, it’s a watch. That’s what the “W” stands for.

This incredible new device from Tesla doesn’t just tell the time, it also tells the date. What’s more, it is infinitely adjustable, able to tell the time no matter where you are on Earth. Japan, Timbuktu, California, anywhere! This will change your life. Reality as you know it will never be the same.

Warning, current version requires wrist strength of an Orangutan.

Studies have shown the Model W will dramatically improve your health. If you work out. And it’s available in platinum!

No longer will you need to rudely examine your phone to read text messages. Now you can politely stare at the tiny screen on your wrist without anyone noticing.

This is in no way a competitive response to what some other company is doing.

Mobile Ad Spending will cross the $100 billion mark in 2016

Mobile Ads Spending

According to the latest report by eMarketer mobile ad spend, which involves ads being served on mobiles and tablets will cross the $100 billion mark in 2016 marking an increase of about 400% from 2013. According to the same reports, the figure is likely to almost double and reach about $195 million in 2019. This figure will account for about 70% of net spend on digital marketing. In terms of devices, tablets are going to touch the $1 billion users mark in 2015. If we look at the country wise spend, India will rank 19th globally in 2015 spending $173 million.

[An Infographic] Managing Social Media Expectations

We have all had that moment where while planning a Digital Media campaign, the question of ROI has come up. More often than not, any activity will have a tangible ROI, unless its social media. managing expectations and hence ROI on Social Media is not always a straight forward answer as it involves a lot of subjectivity like building chatter. Therefore to help you understand how to go about it, here is a very interesting Infographic, published on Social Media Today on how to deal with when asked upon the ROI of your Social Media activity.



With that we come to the end of this week’s roundup. We will be back next week with more. In the mean time make sure you are following us on our Social Media channels and profiles to know the latest happenings. Do like, share and comment on the post when it goes up if you do like it.

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