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We are at the end of 2nd week of August – companies are finally over with their revenue reports and we are entering the season of new products, most of them discrete. From Facebook entering the live streaming scene to the “301 views” urban legend retiring from YouTube, following are the highlights from this week in digital.

Facebook enters Live Streaming with Live for Mentions

Facebook has been running a celebrity-only tool, called Mentions, which allows verified celebrity profiles to interact directly with their fans, both, 1:1 and 1:all approach. With the success of live-streaming apps like Meerkat and Periscope (specifically!) celebrities have been using them to engage live with their audience. The band U2 uses Meerkat like anything. John Mayer, the blues rock singer conducted a live music jamming session on Periscope which gained huge buzz overnight.

Live Mentions Facebook

Facebook couldn’t leave itself out of the game and has finally announced Live for Mentions, which is a celebrity-access only service which will allow them to conduct a live interaction session with their audience, directly from their Mentions app. Movie stars like Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson are the first ones to hold access of it.

This might look a weird step to limit something go verified personality profiles. Facebook might just come out with this service for public not before Q4 this year, if not later. Between this period, expect celebrities pulling off campaigns using this live streaming platform which will assure a reach more than what Periscope or Meerkat are offering at the moment.

YouTube finally bids farewell to “301+ views” legend count

YouTube’s “301+ views” count has been a legend, with thousands of reasons of “why & what” floating on the internet. Basically, YouTube used to allow around 300 views on a video, before putting it through a spam test to check on the authenticity of views on it. That is where the 301+ views count would stop – until future views are verified as legit.

YouTube 301 Views Count Infographic

This has changed now. YouTube announced that they have implemented a new algorithm, replacing the legend. With this new mechanism to check view authenticity, YouTube will be able to display live legitimate views on videos without a hold on the count.

Mode’s “100 Years of Fashion in 2 Minutes” becomes the world’s most watched fashion video ever


This week in viral content takes a dive in the fashion industry. A video launched by Mode Media two months ago, titled “100 Years of Fashion in 2 Minutes” has surpassed 50 million views. It is the most-watched fashion video ever created, as said by the company. The video shows a model dressing up in different styles and trends that were from last 100 years. The success came just three months after Mode launched its own platform to focus on video streaming, which is delivering 140 million video streams a month, according to comScore. That makes it the 13th largest video site by reach.

By way of comparison, Vimeo, a video site that launched more than a decade ago, gets 170 million streams a month, although separated by content type.

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