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It’s April the 10th, its a Friday and its end of yet another week. And, it is time for another roundup from the world of Tech, Marketing, Digital Media and every other peripheral attached to them which would make a difference or at the very least affect the digital content and what you view. Like every week, we promise to keep the reports really short only giving out the most relevant details and will add in a link wherever we feel you may want to consume more of the information regarding the topic.

Let’s get going.

Facebook Brings Messenger App to Web


Facebook has been aggressively pushing its Messenger app. It made compulsory for anyone who wanted to speak in Private Messages on FB to do so via a standalone app and later at F8 announced that it would be opening Messenger to be a Platform too. The next step in the direction has been creating a Web App of Messenger at Messenger.com. As a result, you can simply go to the web address and continue to chat without having to log into Facebook. The interface on the web is exactly the same as the mobile app, though you cannot send across audio messages or receive them on the web app so far.

The ‘You are not Youtube’ campaign by Snickers Brings Hilarious Videos

The ‘You are not you when you are hungry’ has been the theme of the campaign for the past 5 years for Snickers. They came up with a fantastic ad at the Super Bowl and now are taking the campaign to the digital legs. The ‘You are not YouTube’ campaign is being executed in conjunction with 13 ‘How to’ YouTube vloggers who intentionally are posting bad videos to show that they are not being themselves cause of the fact they are hungry. Several vloggers from U.K., UAE, US, Egypt, Turkey, Lebanon and Brazil have taken part in the campaign and we have embedded a couple of their outputs above.

Social Media to Account for 21% of overall marketing budget in the next five years

Social Marketing Budgets

Social Media is without a doubt the quickest way for a brand to reach its targeted audience and leave them with a message that they can take note of. And if you thought this is as good as it will get for Social Media, you need to go through this report by CMO Survey. The report outlines how crucial Social Media will be in the coming years, account for almost 21% of the overall marketing spends which is a rise of about 128%. Last year too, companies that went the social media and internet route, saw a rise of as much as 25% in sales. Measuring marketing ROI remains a bit of a black box, with only 2.3% marketing budget being spent on measurement, this figure too is likely to only go up.

Twitter is testing Pinning your apps in the Twitter Profiles

Twitter apps

Another week, and possibly another new feature on Twitter. Twitter is silently testing out a feature whereby the brands will now be able to pinup their applications to their Twitter profiles which would then be downloaded from the Play Store or App Store based on the platform. The feature also shows the rating of the application and the number of ratings it has received. This is indeed an interesting move as Twitter looks to aggressively move into the media selling, app installs and discovery space.

Netflix Rips Apple Watch in its latest Commercial

Netflix, the popular video content source has taken a swipe at Apple’s Watch in its latest commercial. The commercial hits the interwebs, just in time as the preorders of the Apple watch go live. The commercial has people in the most weird situations watching Netflix on devices strapped to their hands. The commercial has a hilarious ending with Netflix promising a Netflix watch Plus for 4K streaming, pretty much lapping up the iPhone 6 Plus too.

Tillamook, a 106 year old dairy company opens Co-Op doors for consumers to attend board meetings

In what is one of the strangest efforts, Tillamook, a dairy products company has opened its doors to its consumers to help them make choices between products better. To signup, the brand has come up with a website here using which you can immediately sign up for the program and you will be able to also pick up a quick micro loan of $5 and win chances to go on food meetup events as well. The campaign has already received more than 16,000 signups in 24 hours and has proved to be widely more successful than a traditional ad campaign.

Tillamook also have come up with a fair few brilliant videos with ‘Dairy Done Right’ messaging.

With that we come to the end of this week’s roundup. With IPL action, the Chinese Grand Prix and the massive Manchester Derby (which we hope United will win) on the calendar, we hope the weekend would be absolutely fantastic, and just in case you are into sports, we still hope you would find enough things to do and have a wonderful weekend.

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