Lead Acquisition Media Campaign for GNIIT - Case Study - #ARM Worldwide



Campaign Background:

NIIT is a global talent development company, offering learning and knowledge solutions to individuals, enterprises and institutions alike. It has long been considered the leader in preparing the students for a rewarding professional life. GNIIT is one of the several high quality for-profit run wings under the vast umbrella of NIIT, and its industry-endorsed curriculum ensures you are walking on the path of professional success the moment you step out of your school.

Campaign Objective:

To acquire a volume of relevant leads for the GNIIT course.

Target Audience:

We targeted students from the age group of 18 to 21, which is usually the average age when a student completes his high school in India. We targeted students who had just completed their high school studies and were looking to make the first major decision towards their professional lives. It was mandatory to exclude students who were skewed towards taking up engineering for their graduation, as GNIIT currently does not offer relevant courses for those looking to make useful engineers.

Campaign Details:

Strategic Placement and Artwork: As pioneers of digital consultancy in India, used rich and exclusive branded content from NIIT on visually arresting ad banners as well as mailers which were served on several portals, accessed via desktops and mobiles. These creatives were rich in media content and were tastefully designed catering to the individual needs of the portals that we had handpicked. We also picked out some login pages of the cybercafés across India in order to leverage the significant audience there. The creatives provided a large section of audience a rich, satisfying and wholesome brand engaging experience. The landing page for each of these banners or mailers was the GNIIT homepage, which housed all the information, required by the average Joe looking to pursue a course. This landing page also hosted an 8-field form which the interested people could fill in for further communication.

GNIIT Lead campaign 1

Dedicated Optimization and Live Tracking:  By monitoring each and every portal closely, optimizing the banners and ad units we made sure to achieve the maximum ROI as well as provide an immersive experience to the visitors on the portal. Even minute details, like the time of the E-Mail burst for the mailer campaign were very closely monitored to ensure a greater participation. At all times, the Lead Management System was monitored closely to keep an eye on the live performance of the campaign that was live for 30 days.

Some of the portals that performed applaud worthy were as follows:


GNIIT Lead campaign 2

IndiaEducation is one of the leading portals when it comes to providing students and parents with detailed information on colleges, courses, exams and careers in India and abroad. We used the ROS section for running banners and ad units on the website. Since the site was an integral home of our target audience, despite high eCPL prices, the 3,462 leads as compared to the estimated 3,000 was a major win.


GNIIT Lead campaign 3

A ticket and holiday booking portal, Ibibo was one of the star performers of the campaign generating over 6,008 leads against the expected 3,500, over performing by almost 171% as we targeted the RON section with multiple ad banners and units. With the eCPl of Rs 110, Ibibo was the star performer of the campaign.

mFinite, 100nest and Kenscio:

We used the networks of mFinite, 100nest and Kenscio and used their database of our exact target audience to shoot timely mailers. After 49 E-Mail blasts over the period of one month form all the three networks combined, we were able to generate 309 leads.

Google Search and Content Placement:

We targeted the relevant keywords for a well-optimized search and placement campaign on Google. We were able to exploit the huge search engine organic traffic to generate 3,851 leads in a campaign that lasted just 22 days. It was an indication of once again, fine placement, research and optimization.

Results of the Campaign:


  1. The campaign was an overall hit and we delivered more than 16,957 leads in 30 days, which is well above the industrial average.
  2. The mailer campaign saw over 1,00,177 opens, which is almost five times more than the industry average of 20,000 for such campaigns.
  3. The overall, eCPL of the campaign was Rs 191, which was a testament to our optimization and placement skills, making the campaign one of the best lead generation campaigns in the education sector recently.

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