Media Buying and Planning for Panasonic India's Econavi Air Conditioners - Case Study



Panasonic launched their EcoNavi line of Air Conditioners, which promise to optimize the performance of appliances while greatly reducing electricity and water consumption. As a pioneer in the space of innovative technology, Panasonic wanted to spread a word about the new product and to endorse this new line of Air Conditioners among the 25+ year olds in the major metro cities of India.

Econavi 1

Time Duration:

3 Months.

Campaign Objective:

To educate the set target audience about the new product and generate brand aspiration with aesthetically pleasing content, outlining the uniqueness and the severe need of the technology.


Econavi 2

We used rich and exclusive branded content from Panasonic which clearly showcased the idiosyncratic features of Panasonic’s new line of Air Conditioners along with a strong message of #RightToBreathe in the visually attesting ad banners which were served on desktop and mobile. We embedded the hashtag on the ad copies to ensure recognition and channelization of conversation across the social media platforms where the hashtag was widely used in the brand communication.

We tastefully designed several ad banners rich in media content, all tailor made for the various sizes across the portals we had before hand selected in order to drive traffic to the brand page which was a host to critical product information and plush pictures.

Dedicated best performing portals, keeping in mind the climate of summers, enthusiasm around elections, excitement around sports and bollywood and buzz round social media and e-commerce were shortlisted and picked to host the ad banners in order to give a large section of audience a rich, satisfying and wholesome brand engaging experience.

Campaign Details:

The major portals and their performances were:

Dedicated Yahoo Banners:

Econavi 3

We used ad banners of sizes 300×250 and 728×90 on the homepage of various Yahoo portals such as Yahoo movies and Yahoo Lifestyle. The campaign saw 3764 clicks achieved from the 25, 07,967 impressions, which gave a CTR of .15% helping us achieve 150% of clicks against the targeted number.

Rediff Banner:

Econavi 4

We booked the logout page property on Rediff, which served a 640×480 ad banner. We achieved 4,545 clicks against an estimated 1,000, over performing almost by 454%.


Econavi 5

The leading movie ticket-booking portal was selected and ad banners were flashed during the major bollywood releases such as Two States. The campaign received 2347 clicks, over delivering by almost 700 clicks from the benchmark set.

News Portals- FirstPost and IBN Live:

Econavi 6

Due to the election wave that swept India in the period during which the campaign was executed, we received tremendous traction from major news portals such as First Post and IBN Live. Both the portals managed to over deliver, with Firstpost and IBN Live delivering 2253 and 2106 clicks respectively, which was almost 112% and 105% more than the benchmark set.


Econavi 7

MoneyControl proved to be one of the shinning stars of the campaign. We received a click efficiency of 262% on MoneyControl with 7865 clicks against the estimated 3,000 from 20,00,000 impressions.


Econavi 8

Adomantra ran a pre-roll video on Youtube. The video focusses on the energy saving technology of the Econavi air conditioners. The pre-roll delivered 39,267 clicks with 3% CTR.

Airtel Dongle:

Econavi 9

The window for Airtel Internet Dongle for Windows OS was used to place a side ad banner. The banner delivered 43% extra clicks with a CTR of 1.46%.


Econavi 10

Zedo carried out campaigns on leading portals like Mid-Day and Business Times. With Zedo, we delivered 17,019 clicks on the ad units driving massive traffic to the landing page that Panasonic has prepared. Thus, the CPC deal was fully and efficiently delivered.

Price Comparison Sites:

Econavi 11

We used price comparison portals such as pricedekho and compareindia and ran 300×250 ad units. Not only did the ad over deliver and outperform our expectations, but the inventory was consumed well within the stipulated time frame. We strategically published when the competitor’s such as Samsung’s products were searched. CompareIndia performed comparatively better than Pricedekho and delivered a CTR of .24% vs .17%.

Major E-Com Portal- Ebay:

Econavi 12

While EBay performed low in terms of clicks, it made up by delivering 20,30,094 impressions which is almost 1.5 lac more than the planned 18,75,000 impressions.

Mobile ad serving via V-Serve:

Econavi 13

The star player of the campaign was the full screen rich media ad served on mobiles. These HTML 5 interactive banners outlined the need of the technology and attempted to create a brand delight by stating the severe problem of dust emission, its harmful effects and how moving to the latest Air Conditioner from Panasonic would help them fight it. The creative was very well appreciated and performed exceedingly well with 30,626 clicks.

Campaign Results:

Econavi 14

The timing of the campaign was absolutely ideal with the election wave and the e-com wave generating fantastic momentum. The highlights of the campaign were as follows:

  1. Over 24,500 clicks were delivered in the CPM deals with 11 portals.
  2. The overall CTR of the campaign was 1.60% with the industry standard usually around .1 to .2% which clearly shows the efficiency of the campaign execution.
  3. The overall CPM performance of the campaign over delivered by more than 141%, the exact performance is represented in the graph above.
  4. We generated massive awareness around the product and delivered over 1,45,45,078 impressions in the three months period.
  5. The pre-roll ads from Adomantra generated a CTR of 2.62%, which is almost 130% from the industry average.

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