Social Media Campaign for Gionee Elife E7 launch in India- Case Study



The journey of Gionee Elife E7 from the research labs of China to the beautiful shores of India and everything that happened in-between

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Gionee India


#ARM Worldwide Pvt Ltd


E7 Launch- SM

Having launched the Gionee Elife E6 in India and announced its arrival to the continent of India, Gionee Mobile was all set to bring the Gionee Elife E7 to the country of billions of mobile enthusiasts. The device was billed to have the best Camera in any Android smartphone with a combination of 16 MP rear camera and an 8 MP front camera with pixel size of 1.34 Microns. The device being the latest flagship was one of the most keenly awaited smartphones and one several journalists billed to be the game changer for Gionee as they continue their foray into the crowded Indian smartphone market.


E7 Launch- SM 2

The strategy behind the launch of Gionee E7 in India from a digital standpoint was to integrate and bring the leading bloggers as well as the fans on the same table at the launch of the device. In a never heard before exercise, we leveraged several owned Social Media properties such as Twitter profile, Facebook page, specially designed landing pages within the Gionee India website to engage with our audience. The plan was to start building up for the launch right from the day of the global launch and continue the activity and engagement all the way till the device landed in India though consumer contests, blogger contests and live engagement around the product. Media Spent did not kick in, until the device was in the market in mid of Feb 2014.

Creativity and Innovation:

E7 Launch- SM 3

The launch of the Gionee Elife E7 was perhaps the biggest and unlike any other product launch in India. The launch in India took place at the Buddha International Circuit in Greater Noida, the premium F1 track. To symbolize the speed and the advancement of technology that Gionee had packaged into the E7, an interesting race was held at the circuit which had the leading journalists, bloggers, consumers, dealers, Gionee employees participate alike. A pre activity was done to select the participants of the race on Social Platforms and further live updates from the activity as well as the device launch that followed, were sent out on the Social Media profiles.


E7 Launch- SM 4

The pre buzz of the activity began right at the Global launch of the device which was held in China on November 26,2013. We began asking the audience on our Twitter page what they expected from the Gionee E7 and encouraged them to predict the specifications as well as the features of the device. The gratification of the engagement being that the winner of the contest would be the first Indian owner of the Gionee E7 when it hits the Indian markets. We received overwhelming response for the activity and as a result, #GioneeE7 was trending worldwide on the day of global launch on China. Exclusive images from the launch, regular updates as well as live stream from China was shared with the audience across on Twitter, Facebook and on the microsite hosted on the official Gionee India website.

Once the device was launched in India, we started getting our strategies in place for the India launch. Since we needed to pick a team of ten consumers for a race team from our Social Channels, we conducted an interesting activity across Twitter and Facebook.

E7 Launch- SM 5

The fans were asked simple questions co-relating Gionee E7 and speed and Formula 1. 5 winners from Facebook and 5 from Twitter were selected and then bought from their city of residence to Delhi in an all expense paid trip.

E7 Launch- SM 6

After finalising the consumer team, the next task was to finalise the blogger’s/ Online media team. We set up a microsite where all the experts of playing with the tech words and jargons had to tell us, ‘Given a chance to be a part of the unique Gionee Grand Prix, what would they like to capture on the BIC, using the ravishing camera of the Gionee E7?’

E7 Launch- SM 7

A mailer was shot to about 100+ bloggers and influential writers giving them two days to complete the activity. Of 58+ entries received, a jury of Social Media experts, picked the twenty most deserving candidates, and they were intimated the fact that they would be participating in the race.

E7 Launch- SM 8

After completing the roster of the two teams and 8 other comprising of dealers, Gionee Management etc, we proceeded to the launch day. A pre buzz was conducted on twitter a day in advance to let people know that the big launch is happening the next day with #MadeforShooting.

E7 Launch- SM 9

On the big day, right from 10 AM, the Social Media took to platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Vine to post regular updates and engage the audience in a chitchat by asking them how they plan to utilise the Gionee E7 in their lives and climb up the ladder of coolness quotient as well as dwelling into the history of Camera and technology behind it.

E7 Launch- SM 10

We also designed a quick app in the background, that would send out an automated tweet once a particular invited journalist or personality joins us at the event. This helped us create a personal engagement with the attendees and tap into their influential circle. A live stream was setup and shared across all the platforms so that those not attending the event did not feel left out.


The launch of the Gionee Elife E7 in India was a mega success. A large part of the device doing well in the market has been down to the fact that via these various activities ensured the audience was educated and informed of the product very well. Apart from trending worldwide on the day of the global launch of the device in China, where Twitter is blocked, we added plenty of feathers in our cap during the launch. The breakdown of the numbers for all the activities cumulative is as follows:

E7 Launch- SM 11

On the day of the launch, #GioneeE7 trended for over 10 hours in succession.

E7 Launch- SM 12

The stats of #RaceWithGionee activity for picking the consumer team, were as follows:

E7 Launch- SM 13

The activity on Facebook generated some amazing numbers too:

E7 Launch- SM 14


The following social media marketing campaign for the launch of the Gionee Elife E7 in India showcases exactly why #ARM Worldwide is at the forefront when it comes to the ideation, planning, execution and measurement of a campaign in the field of social media marketing.


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