Why Online Reputation Management is Important for Your College



Online reputation management is currently the need of the hour for any organization that’s trying to survive in the business. Now, when everyone wants a part of the digital world in their life, no brand can willfully choose to ignore the online world if they want to keep up with the increasing competition. Yet, there are some people who beg to differ when it comes to the fact that online reputation is more or equally important than the offline world.

Let’s put it forth in this way: Which demographic matters the most for any educational institute? It’s obviously the students who are in high-school and confused about their future. This is the section of their life where they choose to enrol themselves in a particular college. And, now look at these stats.

Souce: https://www.statista.com/statistics/272365/age-distribution-of-internet-users-worldwide/

2.56 billion people globally are on various digital platforms and are using the internet every day to search for something or the other. When a major share of what you want is following a particular trend, you simply can’t afford to miss that.

Online reputation management is now almost imperative for educational institutes because – at the end of the day – your business will just be as good as its reputation. And at the end of the day, what an effective online reputation management strategy brings to the table is more than just good publicity. There are many benefits of managing online reputation for your organization, but here a few factors that you can consider so that you can make up your mind about online reputation management.

1. Effective return

Online reputation management strategies make sure that you put your best foot forward and portray yourself as a bona fide leader. Most students nowadays perform extensive research before deciding what they want to do next in their life. And, if they’re not able to find you online or discover any relevant information about your institute, then you’re missing out on a lot of potential business.

Also, investing in online reputation management makes your institute visible to many potential investors. These investors, who actively look for institutes and organizations for their next investment, will look for you online, and if you’re not there or have a bad reputation, then you’ll pretty much lose your chances of gaining sizeable returns.

2. Builds credibility and trust

Online reputation management surrounds your institute with a certain level of credibility. With effective ORM tactics, an institute can stay right in front of their audience whenever they search for some relevant information, making them a trusted source of information. For an educational institute, this is a very important aspect; the more trust a university/college builds, the more likely they are to increase the number of admissions.

3. Risk management

This is something almost every institute can relate to the fear of attracting bad publicity or getting into the news for some wrong reason. These incidents can destroy the reputation of a premier institute in a matter of hours. Thankfully, when it comes to situations like these, online reputation management is just the right fit for such situations. From managing any sort of bashing on the internet to strategic planning activities to uplift the brand’s image, ORM does it all.

If it’s still hard for you to believe that online reputation management can do wonders for your brand and provide you with the best results, then you can have a look at this example:

How Pearl Academy changed their numbers with the help of Online Reputation Management.

Pearl Academy, an institute that has been working in the field of fashion and design education for over 25 years and has provided our country with many ace designers has faced a crisis. Recently, a mainstream newspaper published a negative story which nearly destroyed the reputation of Pearl Academy on digital platforms.

When Pearl Academy identified this problem, they came up with the plan and implemented a complete online reputation management strategy to suppress these negative stories and promote their assets. Here’s a link to the complete case study regarding how Pearl Academy did this.

If you wish to know more about how online reputation management works and what all activities are involved in running a successful ORM campaign, then click here.

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