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We all have gone through various jargons around content marketing but have you ever thought on measuring the effectiveness of a great content? What is a good or bad content? Skip this and go to the end of this post if you are simply interested in a checklist to gauge the content quality, else take this rapid-fire questions. Try answering them honestly in not more than 30 seconds:

  1. Value or Volume?
  2. Quality or Quantity?
  3. Twitter Trends or Organic content driven conversations?

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In most of the cases, your answers will be 1) Value 2) Quality 3) Organic content driven conversations. Yes, you are right. Now how you respond to this questions which define the value or quality of any content.

What is the difference between Good Content vs Average Content? or How to measure the quality of the content?

Try to answer this question and think again on what makes us “like” the content on facebook or twitter? Why we bookmark any website? Why The Shawshank Redemption (or these other IMDB movies) has the highest consumer rating?
IMBD Movies

The answer to measuring the quality of content is “Why one should care.”

Why is the phenomenon by virtue of which we can also define the quality or value of any piece of the content.

Here is the list of few checklist that you may consider while crafting the content & ensure the quality output.

  1. Does the “content” pass the “Why Should I Care” test?
  2. Does the “content” have any surprising elements?
  3. Is it differentiable from the competitor’s content?
  4. Does it offer mass appeal?
  5. Is it something that hasn’t been seen before?
  6. Is it able to be monitored and measured in real time?

If you can answer the above six questions then you can easily answer:

  • whether your pitch is right or not
  • whether your content will go viral or not (personally I hate the word ‘viral’)
  • whether your consumers will love or ignore your story

Would love if you can share your feedback & can answer this common question to measure the quality of the content in a different way. Feel free to ping me via comments or via twitter (@honeytech).

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