[Infographic] How to build the Perfect LinkedIn Profile in 15 Minutes - #ARM Worldwide



LinkedIn profiles sound a complicated thing. You cannot be casual with them as your prospective employees or employers could deb looking at them and forming an image and conclusions based on what goes there. A recent report by jobvite concluded that 94% of the recruiters use LinkedIn when they are looking to recruit via the social media route, making the importance of a good linkedIn profile extremely important. As a leading digital media company in India, we advocate everyone works on making sure their LinkedIn profiles are complete and up to date.

While this is a fact, the reality is that we all want things to be swift and quick where we do not have to spend much time, and still make a lasting impression with the profile done right. So, this brings us to questions like what kind of a profile picture you should use, or what should be your headline or maybe even what career highlights should you make public? Here is an interesting infographic that we came across which would give you guidelines on how to go about modifying or creating your LinkedIn profile just the way it should be.


We hope the infographic would help you in completing your LinkedIn profile that does complete justice to your work profile and help you catch the eye of the right people.

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