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The year 2021 will see many necessary and quick changes in the marketing landscape and Influencer marketing is expected to take over and be a vital element of this much-needed change. The nature of digital marketing and social commerce is ever-changing, and as it continues to create newer identities for itself, Influencer marketing is acting as a firm backbone to it. It is already very huge, and since businesses anyway map out their marketing plans days and months in advance, right now would be the best time to put your money into some influencer marketing trends. Here is our list of the top five trends that we think will be the rage this year, in 2021:

Increase in authenticity of ‘no-edit edits’

Today’s audience is smart and can very easily figure out if a post is natural or scripted. This is the reason why authenticity holds significant importance. Influencers have received criticism in the past for posting reviews that seem fake, and this, in turn, has a negative impact on the numbers. Since most can figure out whether a review is real or paid, companies will be more likely to show content that does not look too filmy or sponsored. Influencers will allow for a raw, unedited sneak-peek into their lives to have an honest connection with the audience wherein they are the truest version of themselves. The #nofilter trend will take over and owing to the originality of the content, the audience will act on the call-to-action.

Higher worth of value-driven content

Proper value-driven content can shift and change certain pre-conceived ideas and notions of the audience, thereby inviting more traffic. Generating and sharing quality content will also create and good brand image that will have a positive impact on the audience and drive brand sentiment, loyalty, and sales figures. This will also help in forming strong communities with ardent followers who will believe in what the company is trying to do and achieve. Companies too will focus on content that means something to the target audience, so that they can both relate and respond to it.

Growth and Expansion of partnerships

Rather than only doing basic sponsorships, companies will have a proper partnership with influencers wherein this relationship will continue for an extended time period. Through this partnership, the companies will create brand awareness via these influencers without trying to directly market or sell their products. This will make the audience believe that the brand cares about their needs and requirements and the results will be mutually beneficial to both parties. Since influencers are well-known and have a dedicated fan following, companies will collaborate with influencers to release a signature line of products to pull in more traction. With this kind of personal touch, brands will garner the loyalty and trust of their customers. Companies will also try and drive social-cause campaigns through the influencers to connect with the audience on an emotional scale.

Seamless integration of platforms for shareability

Since influencers are present across multiple social media platforms, collaborating or partnering with them would inadvertently imply that the reach will be there across these platforms as well. Since the follower base of the influencers trust them and value their opinions and judgements, their posts will add credibility to the brand and business. It will show that the brand is trustworthy and reliable. Influencer marketing will tap into highly shareable platforms and their integration for seamless reach and experience. More of data-driven analytics and infographics will be shared by brands and customers for a better understanding and awareness regarding usage and experience. Similarly, brands and social media platforms will be better connected as well to share updates and reviews across mediums.

An upsurge in micro and nano influencers

Micro and nano influencers will act as key brand partners in this year of 2021. These influencers will enable businesses to reach out to that audience which is otherwise unreachable, or a certain niche segment that can help improve the awareness of the brand as well as the sales performance. Micro and nano influencers will help companies create a strong foothold in the market as their reviews will come from personal usage that is open to the followers to see and judge. These reviews and posts will act as crucial drivers in the purchase decisions of the audience. The influencers will not merely help in amplifying the presence of the brand but also help in communicating important information regarding its products and services. 

So these are the five influencer marketing trends that we believe influencers will shape the marketing landscape of businesses in 2021. By incorporating these into your digital marketing plans and strategies, your company will be able to perform its best by working in tandem with the requirements of both your business and your target audience, ultimately helping you to achieve the desired results.

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