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Given the crazy schedules of the FIFA World Cup and the excitement that the tournament is pouring at every turn, you would be totally forgiven for not following up whats been happening elsewhere in the world if you are a football fan. If you are not one, well, then you are missing out on perhaps the greatest World Cup since the famous 1986 Cup. However, you are not alone and there are a large majority of those who are not glued to their television watching 11 men kick the ball into a threaded net. And this is evident, because once again, this week gone by, brought plenty of interesting developments and stories from the world of Digital Marketing.

So, like every week, we shall take you on a quick spin on what were the big stories this week. We promise to keep short like always, and will share a relevant link, in case there is more to a story than what we have written.

India has over 26 million registered LinkedIn users; making it the second largest market for the Social Network


India boasts of almost 8.6% of the total LikedIn user base in the world with almost 26 million registered users. This puts India just behind the United States which has almost 1/3rd of the total users on LinkedIn. In the past four months alone, over 2 Million users from India have registered on LinkedIn which has become the preferred medium for the professionals to connect on. A lot of this growth can be attributed to the mobile movement as almost 43% of the traffic on LikedIn has been traffic driven currently.

Amazon takes a refreshing approach to E-Com sales as it announces the Fire Phone


Amazon announced the Fire Phone for the USA this week. While the phone has fine hardware specs including a 13 MP camera, a 720 P 4.7 inch display which is powered by a Quad Core SoC with 2 GB of RAM, the phone is essentially a companion to help you buy things from Amazon’s e-com store. This is enabled by a feature called FireFly by which you can fire the viewfinder of your Fire Phone and then focus on any object in the real world. The feature identifies the object and gives you an option to buy it from Amazon. For example, if you like a pair of shoes, you can simply fire open firefly and let it tell you the brand and other details about it as well as the price and order it directly. Easy, isn’t it? The phone also has a refreshing 3D UI thanks to 4 low energy sensors that track your body movements. It would be interesting to see what impact does the phone have on sales figures of Amazon if at all.

Video buying trends show fixed CPM model is still the preferred choice despite growth in real time bidding model

Video Ads trend

Videology’s Q1 ‘UK video market at-a-glance’ research report has bought out some very interesting findings based on the 678 Million impressions that the platform delivered in the Q1. The report concluded that there has been a growth of 129% YoY in the advanced video ads, thanks to advanced targeting options. 70% of the received impressions were received from 30 second ads, making it the most popular and ideal length of video ads. Also, the report stated that FMCG advertisers recorded the highest number of impressions with a growth of almost 37% QoQ. There were several other interesting trends especially on the preference of the bidding model which have been summed up nicely in the infographic above.

Twitter officially brings support for GIFs

gif support

Gifs have become the most important conversation currency over the internet in the last few years. The viral cat Gifs have been a reason alone for productivity slump. And looks like things are not going to get better anytime soon. Twitter has brought support for Gifs for all its official platforms including web and mobile apps. This move provides a new opportunity for the marketeers especially, to produce content using gifs for a greater visual impact and make them an integral part of their twitter marketing strategy.

Facebook encourages active communication with Slingshot

slingshot app

There is a new baby in town, its called SlingShot. Facebook announced the application this week as a rival to the much spoken about and used Snapchat. However, Slingshot is slightly different. The application encourages you to communicate with your peers by sending them images. It does this by forcing you to send them content in order to view the image they have sent. This is called slinging back your friends. So, simply put, unless you sling back your friend, you will not be able to watch his video or picture. The app is available as a standalone on iOS in US for now. Given, how well several brands have leveraged Snapchat, with active communication, Slingshot could become an absolute house of user generated content and thus perhaps a part of some interesting digital experiments and campaigns.

Video Share: Founder Reveals the Secret to Buzzfeed’s Success and how he used Content Marketing Effectively

Like it or hate it, you cannot ignore buzzfeed. It has become the parking slot for some of the most viral digital content on the web. While we can all debate the quality of it, there is no denying its success. The business model of Buzzfeed has been interesting. They decided not to run banner ads like most other websites right from the beginning. Yet, the company encouraged its advertisers to create content which would seamlessly integrate with their other content camouflaging the ad from the real content before the user. It is a very fine example of seamless content marketing. Here is the founder of Buzzfeed with some interesting views on the secret behind the success of Buzzfeed.

Infographic Share: How boost your lead generation campaigns

Lead generation campaigns which require the users to leave some sort of information are some of the most common type of campaigns run in the digital media industry today. One thing with a lead driven campaign is, you can never have enough leads, even if the campaign has gone overboard with the expectations. So, how exactly can you give your lead generation campaign that boost? Here is an interesting infographic:


With that, we come to an end of this week’s roundup of the Digital stories. We will be back next week on the same day, till then though, stay digital and do not forget to share and like our articles.


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