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In last 12 years that I have been working with some large and mid sized corporates like Wipro, Bank Of America, Tech Mahindra as a part of their team and with many more as a consultant, I have attended various training programs and have helped some of organisations in identifying the right training program for their employees. Most training programs were aimed at developing better managers, productive employees or better leaders.

Early April, I witnessed a very unusual choice of training program adopted by a startup I am consulting  with a total strength of  50 people. They took 20 team members to a two day residential workshop that ensured that these team members stop working as employees.

Yes you read it right, the organisation did not want these team members as employees anymore, so for two days these people went through a workshop discussing and practicing and doing activities to develop competencies like,

  1. Taking Risk
  2. Having an Ownership Mindset
  3. Self Efficacy and Optimism
  4. Taking initiative
  5. Idea Generation
  6. Resource Management
  7. Planning and Organising
  8. Being Non-Reactive

Why would an organisation push an employee to take risk, the reason is that they want these team members to act as Entrepreneurs . Each activity in the workshop was designed keeping the same objective in mind -to help these team members transform into Entrepreneurs within the organisation , the goal was to create Intrapreneurs. The name of the program was Intrapreneurship Program and was conducted by our partner One Hour Learning.

Why would an organisation that too a start-up , do that?

Evidently the result of the workshop are more long-term than short-term, the ROI in this case will not come in less than 6 months, hence the investment that the organisation did was huge not just financially but also in terms of time.

The idea generated out of the discussion on getting some team members to take more ownership of the function that they work in, the levels of ownership that the organisation was looking at was beyond just the assigned KRAs, they were looking at these team members to run the business units as if they owned them independently. This would include making difficult decisions, taking risk, managing resources keeping in mind the business constraints and planning each task/project much better.

We chose team members by virtue of their potential to do most of these than the traditional mechanism of assessing people on their current performance. Each activity therefore before, during and after the workshop aimed at creating an entrepreneur out of every team member who had the potential.

The journey of this evolution will take 3 -6 months and by the end what ARM Worldwide would have is ARMPRENEURs.

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