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There are always weeks where things are slow and drawn out and not much action happens. Maybe its the calm before storm that may hit our shores in the upcoming week, but this week was pretty much worth writing off, in the Digital Marketing space. While India underwent a major Government shuffle with the new Prime Minister taking his new sublime chair, needless to say, most of the attention was centered around everything and anything Narendra Modi.

But despite, it being a snail paced week, some really interesting things came up in the world of Digital marketing, lets run through them, and as always, we promise to keep ourselves short and informative. We will link to the pages where you can gain more information about the said subject. Let’s get going:

Sergey Brin Introduces us to Self Driven Cars but Admits he was wrong to be involved in Google+ Team

Google co-founder Sergey Brin took to the stage in one of the first sessions at the Code Conference, organized by Re/Code and as always, there was plenty of insight to pick up. Sergey talked about the future of cars as he revealed that Google is already working on self driven cars which will promptly help you reach your destination without the need of any steering or accelerator pedals. The prototype of the car was shown off in a video and it left the audience gasping for thin air. The self driven cars project is still another three years from being on road, and Sergey admitted the focus was on safety rather than thrill and comfort. The two seater car will have a maximum speed of 25 km and will use sensors to identify the traffic movement. Google is exploring a model like Uber for its self driven cars and could be the next big thing in the digital cab booking space.

Sergey also lifted the lid on his involvement in the team that designed G+. So far, it was common knowledge that the man behind the G+ idea was the ex Google VP- Vic Gundotra, but Sergey admitted he was probably wrong to be involved in the team. He said, he was an anti social person and a ‘weirdo’ who only used G+ to share pictures with his family and hence never did justice to his involvement. For those who care about G+ would be glad now, as Sergey is now a part of the Google X team and that is where he spends all his time instead of fiddling with Social side of things.

Facebook cuts down Automatic Updates from Apps as it tries to keep your timeline clean

Is it not extremely irritating to see a high score of a friend’s pop up on your Timeline when you are busy peeking into the social lives of your near and maybe not so dear ones? Facebook has intervened and this week it made it clear that lesser implicit stories would be making way to your TL from your friends.


Facebook specified in its blog:

“We’ve found that stories people choose to explicitly share from third party apps are typically more interesting and get more engagement in News Feed than stories shared from third party apps without explicit action. We’ve also heard that people often feel surprised or confused by stories that are shared without taking an explicit action. In the coming months, we will continue to prioritize explicitly shared stories from apps in News Feed over implicitly shared stories.”

The key take away from the story is that unless you personally opt to publish something within the application, all the automated messages will be looked about and not circulated. An important bit of update this, if you are into designing Facebook apps.

Secret comes to Android, because anonymous is the new cool

Secret debuted on iOS a couple of months ago and quickly became the talk of the Silicon Valley as anonymous bitching reached new levels. It is an application that allows you to post comments or thoughts without revealing your identity.


Secret basically uses your contact book to know if your friends are on the application and if you like a secret it is transferred to the TL of your friends who may be on the same app. the app has quickly become the hot thing in the Android space and you definitely might want to keep a check on what is happening there to make sure that you have not been secretly spoken about.

WeChat Opens doors to E-Com for brands

WeChat claims to be an all in one social app which allows you to do a lot more than just send IM and images to your friends. Looks like WeChat is expanding its wings to newer verticals. WeChat opened the doors of Weixin, which is the Chinese version of WeChat to all the brands to set up shop within the app. This would allow brands to sell things right from within the application.


Chinese manufacturer Xiaomi have been known to be interested in the model and WeChat has other clients such as nike on board too. Your brand will need to be verified by linking up with the Weixin API for payments and then you can set up a shop within the app. While, this model is available in China, it would be an interesting first to see it brought to the global version too.

you can read up more on the business model here

App Annie Raises $17 million to acquire analytics competitor Distimo

Application analytics company App Annie has raised $17 million to part fund its acquisition of Distimo. This gives App Annie a strong foothold as it competes against other players like App figures and Mixpanel in the app performance analytics space.

App Annie

According to the report in Wall Street Journal, “Together, App Annie and Distimo have nearly 600,000 apps relying on their analytics platform with a total of nearly 270,000 registered business users, according to an announcement from App Annie describing the acquisition.”. The move will allow App Annie to expand to new verticals in the app search domain as it recently had added the ability to search app listing via keywords as well as providing key data in the app advertising space.

Smartphones lead the screen distribution minutes in the digital space

If it needed any validation, smartphones have outstripped Televisions as the screen with most minutes spent on watching digital content. Mary Meeker, the former Morgan Stanley analyst and current Kleiner Perkins investor took to the stage at the Code Conference this week to give us a true reflection of the digital space and which way the trends are skewed. She spoke about the internet and mobile usage, public valuation of platforms, trends towards sensor data management, move towards a more personalised and digital content driven television space and the secrets behind the success of China in the domain. The entire presentation deck is embedded below:

KPCB Internet trends 2014 from Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers

Infographic share of the week

Like every other week, here is our Infographic share of the week ending on May 30th. It is around how to rank higher in Search Engine results. In the day and age where Google is the envelope engulfing the entire internet, it is a must that your website ranks high when searched for contents related to what you are putting up. While there is no set rule of a good SEO some of the good practices are listed below:


With that we come to end of our roundup, we wish you a great weekend ahead and promise to be back with the roundup at the end of the coming week.

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