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Paid media aids in generating qualified leads and expanding brand reach by promoting your website’s content via sponsored social media posts, paid search results, display ads, and other promoted multimedia. From startups to MSMEs to eCommerce businesses, all brands aim to maximize their visibility and reach to a larger audience. 

We, at #ARM Worldwide, have immense PPC expertise in high-converting paid, owned, and earned media campaign strategies for lead generation and increasing brand awareness. We help drive transformation and fuel digital growth by utilizing a full funnel, diversified platform approach across the board to nurture your lead funnel all the way through the buying process.

#ARM Worldwide has helped clients in achieving: 

  • Brand objectives
  • Right target audience
  • Profitable results

Our paid media experts deeply understand and analyze your customers’ needs through search behaviours and online activities, and develop campaigns to capture relevant audiences for your brand. 

Services we offer

At #ARM Worldwide, we offer a plethora of PPC advertising services customized as per your company’s requirements.

  1. Media planning and buying

We, at #ARM Worldwide, devise cohesive strategies in the field of advertising and media. Our highly skilled media planning professionals evaluate business objectives, and make use of the industry’s leading research and media planning tools to devise robust media strategies and campaign types. Our in-house capabilities identify the right media partners and ad networks under dedicated media investment for maximum ROI.

  1. Analysis and reporting

Our bespoke team of paid media experts assist you in analyzing the effectiveness of your PPC campaigns and also provide a detailed report to bridge any gap that is not helping you grow your business. We constantly monitor your ads throughout the campaign cycle to make sure each one is optimized. Our team focuses on key KPIs and presents data on campaign performance to open the scope of enhancement. We compile, organize, and compare data to understand the performance of paid campaigns and optimally use effective techniques to improve them. 

  1. Programmatic advertising 

Our media experts utilize data-driven insights and algorithms to serve ads to businesses at the right time and at the right price. Our experts assist you to buy ads on multiple platforms, such as supply-side platforms (SSPs), and demand-side platforms (DSPs). With the robust programmatic advertising strategies devised by our team, businesses meet their end goals, such as large-scale audience reach, efficient awareness, and more. We provide real-time data and analysis to businesses to identify the campaign performance and scope of improvement. Our team also specializes in using first and third-party data and devising cross-device campaign strategies. 

  1. Automation

We use automation tools to help businesses reach their end goals. Our media experts run highly-targeted automated paid media campaigns which increase ROI and improve customer satisfaction. We set up the entire campaign for brands, resulting in improvements in cost per click. Our team focuses on creating compelling ads based on the data collected by automation tools. With the help of automation tools, our team optimizes paid ads placements strategically. 

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