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It’s now evident that influencer marketing is already a booming industry.  It encompasses curating highly engaging content, sharing it in a strategic way to reach more people and engaging with the audience to build a relationship. Influencers provide instant promotion of your product or service with excellent conversion rates. Micro influencers are hyper-specific influencers with intensely engaged audiences and lower follower counts in a given niche. These influencers net you the best bang for your buck when it comes to engagement and a surge in ROI. 

Let’s learn a little bit more about micro influencers and understand how you can leverage them for a better marketing strategy to grow your business this 2021: 

Who are Micro Influencers? 

Micro influencer marketing is great for businesses that don’t have the budget to work with expensive influencers and need to reach a more niche audience. While they don’t have a heavy following, micro influencers have a significant social media presence, typically between 10-100K followers. Unlike their mega and macro counterparts, micro influencers come across as more approachable and relatable.

Connection is the name of the game for micro influencers. And because of their authenticity, they earn a steady stream of comments, likes, and clicks. Research shows that engagement gets better with the fewer followers a person has. Additionally, 92% of customers trust a micro influencer more than a traditional ad or an endorsement from celebs because they are passionate about their niche and can choose the most argumentative topics to engage the followers.

Why should you use Micro Influencers for your Next Marketing Strategy? 

While partnering with high-profile celebrities is already familiar to many brands, micro influencers offer increasingly unique trade-offs for companies to widen their reach. Micro influencers are typically more cost-effective. Some are happy to promote your business in return for exposure, branded products, etc. Rather than paying only an individual macro influencer, you can work with a bunch of micro influencers for a campaign/launch, reaching multiple communities and voices. 

Micro influencers have a smaller audience yet target more niche communities, allowing them to grow on social media organically. When they recommend a product/brand, the response can be overwhelmingly positive, assuring an increased social exposure. With high engagement rates, supportive communities, and fees that better align with small business budgets, partnering with micro influencers is a great way to optimise your marketing strategy. Moreover, they’re more likely to read and reply to specific comments helping to nourish an already well-engaged community.

How should you use them? 

Finding the right micro influencer is critical. Firstly, you must set your goals and define what metrics will be essential to measuring success. Outlining your goals will help guide you on who to pick and what deliverables to ask for. Next, choose a micro influencer who aligns with your target audience and product or brand. Ideally, you should select influencers with high engagement rates who post consistently and have a distinct personality or voice.

Fine-tune your partnerships & focus on creating great connections with your influencers and using them to position your brand with a trustworthy image. Bring them into your custom network and continuously engage with them (via product launches, special events) with a bit of VIP love to make them feel special. Finally, monitor and measure the results of your campaign to review the performance of their content on various channels. Generate and share trackable links with influencers to keep track of clicks and engagement. 

The POWER of Micro Influencers

Micro influencers’ audiences are hyper-engaged; so, if a brand works with a highly relevant micro influencer, it can significantly extend the reach and user engagement. People trust their recommendation more than a direct ad from a brand. Micro influencers usually do recurring promotions, which is considered to build authenticity as it is a sign that they genuinely love the brand. Word-of-mouth is a crucial contributor to why they often generate more direct sales and leads than the more prominent names.

Because their fan base is more tight-knit, they can create more personalised content and thus create a more bona fide moment with fans. They possess the ability to connect with their audience on a deeper level. Furthermore, micro influencers are versatile and can get the job done on a budget without compromising quality or professionalism, whether written content, pictures, video, or multimedia content.  

Tricks of Trade

The tactics for working with micro influencers is quite similar to that of overall influencer marketing. It’s essential to make them feel like they are a part of your brand’s family. Here are a few more practical tips to follow:

  • Check metrics such as comments, shares, likes, questions, etc. The success of an influencer campaign will highly depend on it. Set the desired engagement rate (approx. 10% is good), see if they can handle it.
  • Revolutionise influencer marketing by leveraging user-generated content & generate incredible traction, driving high amounts of interest in your brand by building a trustworthy image with the influencers.
  • Activities organised by micro influencers such as giveaways, contests, polls, swipe-up stories, etc., enhance brand awareness & increase visibility for your target audience, and their response rates are spectacular.

Final Words

As reach and engagement continue to fluctuate with every algorithm change, micro influencers are picking up steam in influencer marketing. Micro influencer marketing might be your golden ticket to developing a social media following and building brand awareness in the brains of your target audience. The sooner you begin reaching out to creators and negotiating partnerships, the quicker your brand will enter your prospects’ thoughts. 

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