Multitasking, it's not Injurious to Your Work



The virtue of human behavior and its capability is that we don’t know the limit. We tend to witness marvelous work all our life but never understand the reason why we are not a part of it. The most common answer you will get is due to the lack of Focus. However, on the other hand, many people in this world are focused and yet they are not part of something big.

When we attended the Armpreneurship training by our organization which was primarily meant to develop Entrepreneurial skills, I came out exploring more reasons that can play an essential role in attaining success.

One of them which I can associate to is “Multitasking.”

Multitasking which is said to be the opposite of Focus. So, how can it be a reason for success?

Well, this question has mind-boggled many researchers including me.

Today, if you search for the answer on Google, you will simply find many articles which will direct you to stop being a multitasker, as it is a barrier to you and the success.

Even much-cliched-example Steve Jobs talked of multitasking in his autobiography; as a distraction than focus.

But, we can not deny that multitasking can also be a time-saving ability. That kind of talent which if managed correctly can help you move towards your goals.

Attending the Intrapreneurship workshop gave me another perspective of managing myself. If you multitask in your daily routine, you will save time to focus on more important things.

This is what I define as, Organisational Multitasking. Don’t think of it as jargon, but a concept that I devised after my training.

The elemental objective of the Intrapreneurship training was to scratch out the layer of reiterated daily job behavior and bring out the entrepreneur in us. There was series of tasks that were incorporated into the theoretical module of the training so that we can implement the practical learnings.

Here are some key findings that I believe can be done to implement Organisational Multitasking.

1 – Job Categorisation

According to a scientific study – It is easy to multitask when you have similar job category. If you are spending your first 15 minutes just answering emails, then adding more related tasks in that 15 minutes is appreciated. For example, a Facebook or a WhatsApp message.

2 – Focus is still the key

Even in multitasking, you have to focus or else you will end up doing nothing productive. It ‘s hard to focus while juggling around things but remember, multitasking is a muscle. You can surely get hold of it if you make it a regular practice and after a while, it becomes a reflex.

3 – One step at a time

A very simple example is skipping rope. You need to stretch the number every time you jump; that is how you ultimately make it look easy. Similarly, keep supplementing a more similar job in a fixed period, analyze the quality and regulate the number accordingly.

4 – Patience

“Fall 100 times but get up 101.” – Japanese Proverb

Almost everyone will tell you if going in the wrong way, but if you are patient, your result will dazzle them. Words are worthless if there is no action. Bring your plan into action, most of us tend not to act on our learning. But, the few who do, achieve.

5 – Believe in yourself

You have come along so far just because you made some choices and took actions. You might feel low on confidence when you don’t see results but, your biggest motivation is YOU.

So, it’s up to you. You can make multitasking a pillar for your success or fall with most of the others who make it a failure. Share your feedback and questions in the comment section below.

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