Top Must-Follow Checklist for Video Creations in This Year



While a lot has been talked at length about the importance of videos in everyone’s social feeds and how video content consumption is the future, not many know what making great shareable video entails.

The advent of native video into everyone’s lives has changed the way netizens consume content. From short videos to mute videos, and from live videos to 360-degree videos – video evolution has addressed various consumer needs and simultaneously helped marketers reach highly targeted audiences. Various reports suggest that more than 500 million hours of Youtube content is consumed each day. Some reports also assert that 90 percent consumers find product videos highly useful in making the purchase decision.
Furthermore, some reports that have delved into the video consumption habits – just by having a brand logo in the video increases the probability of purchase by 9% – implying that consumers feel more convinced at looking at brand videos. The same report also suggests that people spend are likely to spend 3X times more time on a live video than a video that’s no longer live.

This only goes on to prove that creating video content is no child’s play and should be taken up seriously as it is expected that by 2020 80% of consumer internet traffic will be driven through video.

So, rounded below is a checklist for successful video content creation:

1. Length

While we are good at consuming videos that are informational or newsy, brand marketers should keep in mind that ideal video length should be not more than 15 seconds. With an ocean of videos been fed to consumers daily through their social streams, it becomes imperative for marketers to stick to a video length that is crisp, clear and concrete

2. Audience

Since we are looking at a digital landscape with shorter videos, variation in videos is something that should also be considered. Since shorter videos are easier to create, they can be altered with content pertaining to different target audiences. This solves two purposes – creating content that is relevant and reaching out to different target audiences. These digital times call for the brands to use the power of targeting more proactively.

3. Be authentic

Heard of fake news? And how there are serious allegations against Russia behind the last American Presidential elections? Yes, we are living in times of ubiquitous content and unverified content. Be very sure of the content that is reflecting in the video. Cross check every bit not just for the typos, but also for what is being conveyed. Also, keep in mind that consumers are quite aware, and don’t hesitate in pointing flaws or misinterpreted facts on social media.

4. Transmittable without sound

A key ingredient of creating videos for today’s age – use clearly readable subtitles. Why may you ask? Because an attention span of close to 8 second and a social feed flooded with content shouldn’t be detrimental in limiting the social engagements on your video! Look at this way – the social feeds are clustered places that are packed with ‘n’ number of videos, where most users just scroll to the next video without even listening to the context. Sounds familiar, right?

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