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    Boost Festive Sales With AI

    The ongoing festive period is in full swing with brands planning to make the most out of the increased purchasing capabilities of customers, who in turn, are targeting the lucrative promotions and discounts available. However, it’s a different ballgame this…

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    Diwali: The Golden Season of E-Commerce

    With the festive period nearly here, brands must be eagerly anticipating the upcoming rush. E-Commerce is fundamentally indispensable now, with it being the preferred mode of business for most users. Embracing digital transformation and technology during the Diwali festive season,…

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    The Overlooked Importance of Mental Health – #ARMEcosystem++

    The COVID-19 pandemic brought along a variety of different obstacles and barriers to us as an organization. Beyond the effects of a traditional economic downturn, COVID-19 has presented additional challenges — fear from the virus itself, wide-spread grief, and lastly,…

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    The 5Cs of Sports Marketing

    With the IPL now in full swing, brands across the country are pulling out all the stops in terms of marketing ideation and strategy. Leveraging sports is a fun and interactive way to connect with audiences. When exploring the realm…

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    Leveraging Sports for Marketing

    The strongest brands create emotional bonds with their users. Sport is one such avenue that has unique emotional power. In no other walk of life do our hearts and brains become so invested in the activities of people we do…

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    Rewire Customer Interaction With Chatbots

    Customer interaction and communication are quintessential elements of marketing activities, especially on digital platforms. In the current scenario we find ourselves in, physical interaction and engagement between brands and users are at an all-time low. This makes it more important…

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    Advertising Code & Guidance

    As per a few recently released advertising guidelines, non-legible disclaimers, and information in ads will be viewed as false advertising. The owners of such ads can be penalized or imprisoned as per the procedures put in place by the consumer…

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    Drive business growth with transparency

    When it comes to building a loyal consumer base, the most significant thing to achieve is trust. This is one of the key elements that play a role in sustaining a successful business. This trust can be earned by being…

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    Post-COVID consumer behaviour & marketing response

    India is currently battling a pandemic as, what some might call, the epicentre of the outbreak. However, this period also marks the beginning of the post-COVID or what has come to be known as the new normal. It has been…

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    Keeping up the MEME-entum

    The last decade has witnessed a significant shift when it comes to brands’ social media presence. Now, brands no longer wish to present themselves as polished and formal on social media and are striving to attain a more human-like and…

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    Trends Shaping Influencer Marketing

    A $2 Billion industry, influencer marketing has undoubtedly changed the social media game for brands.  With the influencer landscape estimated to grow to a whopping $5-10 billion industry by the coming year, it’s undoubtedly a marketing force that isn’t expected…

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    Digital Automation for SMEs

    In the coming months, businesses are going to see an increased dependency on their digital strategy to make it through to the post-COVID era. The unprecedented decline of live events and conferences, and other related channels, along with enhanced barriers…

  • Why data is important in Public Relations

    In God we trust, all others must bring data- William Edwards Deming. One of the most undesirable yet common scenarios in marketing is that brands invest their money and efforts in marketing but fail to get the desired results. When…

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