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With India bowing out of the World Cup, succumbing to the power of Australia that just proved a metal too tough to mould, this weekend for most would be a non-event. Though for the most die-hard fans, it would be the cricket world cup final, an event that comes just once every four years, enough a reason to look forward to.

For the Indian Cricket Fans in us, it was quite a task to somehow pretend that yesterday did not matter and carry on with the world like it is the same rosy place. First in line hence, is our weekly feature where we take you on a journey around the world of Digital Marketing stopping at the story stations which we feel made the most impact in the week gone by. As always, the stoppages will be short, and we will leave the addresses of the stations in the form of links, just in case, you would like to visit the places yourself and enjoy some sightseeing and grab a bit more.

Twitter Launches Periscope App to take on Meerkat


Broadcasting live video from your phone seems to be the next big thing in the market. Meerkat was recently announced and giving it a competition, Periscope was announced by Twitter this week. Periscope basically allows you to use the camera on your phone and broadcast the feed to the app from which people will be able to like or comment on. Your geolocation, as well as the number of people watching the stream is shown and if you like the stream, you can follow the person too. The app is currently available only for iOS, with Android version soon to come. You can check out the blog post here.

YouTube Introduces Cards for you to give your users extra information


Now make your videos even more interactive with cards. Using cards one can inform your viewers about other videos, merchandise, playlists, websites and more as additional information. They look beautiful as we can see videos anytime and yes they are finally working on mobile phones too. Right now, we can choose from six types of cards: Merchandise, Fundraising, Video, Playlist, Associated Website and Fan Funding. You’ll find a new “Cards” tab in your Video Editor to create and edit them at any time. Cards are designed to be contextual to the video and also help creators reach their goals.
Image: Hypebot

Gionee India bagged the Buzzies Award for category Digital at the Surewaves Buzziest Brand Awards

Gionee Buzz Award

In what was an extremely proud moment for every one of us at #ARM Worldwide, Gionee, one of our clients was awarded the Buzzies Award for Digital category at the Surewaves Buzziest Brand Awards. The award was for the sustained buzz that the brand created online in the year 2014/15. You can read the entire piece by AFAQs on how Gionee bagged the award and some of the digital initiatives that the brand undertook in the year gone by right here.

Facebook and Twitter to account for 34% of Display Ads as compared to 11% in the US by 2017

Mobile Display data

Digital Display spending is set to surpass the $27 billion in 2015 and go beyond $37 billion point by the time 2017 bids its farewell. According to the latest eMarketer report, this period will also see the popular social media networks, including Twitter and Facebook surpass the old guns like Yahoo and Google when it comes to display spending. By 2017, Twitter and Facebook combined are slated to contribute to 34% of display ads while Google in comparison would contribute only to 11%, if the current trends are to carry on. Mobile Ad spending in the US will continue to rise and will account for $25 billion and more as compared to $11 billion on desktop.

Facebook to use Messenger as a Platform for developers to build third party apps upon it

FB Messenger

Facebook announced at its F8 conference that it would be opening up the Messenger app as a platform for the developers to build third party apps that would interact with it and use the user database for communication. Several apps such as Business, Imogi, Dubsmash, Wordeo etc were announced right at the event for Android devices. Not just this, Facebook also announced that it would now allow the users to embed Facebook videos as standalone on apps and allow a comments box there from Facebook. Read more here on Messenger as a platform.

Image: Slashgear

The Mobile Store cutting the competition with a Four Hour Delivery of your mobile phone, flat

The Mobile Store

Do not wish to wait, even for a day to pick up your favorite smartphone? The Mobile Store has you covered. The leading mobile retailer brand is making a big move towards the E-Com market as it is offering a four-hour flat delivery of your mobile device to your doorstep. Obviously the devices that are available on E-Com portals only cannot be ordered, but this is obviously a fantastic move to crush the competition, which is offering at the very minimum 24-hour delivery.

NBA’s new Ad Campaign sees some of the stars go back to their college days

In what is a very interesting campaign, NBA has released new set of Ads just before the Playoffs get underway which sees some of the stars involved going back to their college. The video series basically has the stars overlaid with the animations giving us a peek into their NCAA days. The video description too has got a very vitale slang sort of a feel to it giving a very college days like feel. As fans of Heat, it was only logical that we embed the video of Dwayne Wade here, though you can check out other videos on the channel too.

Knorr Sends a Mom to Arctic to surprise her daughter

With every brand trying to enhance its visibility on digital media, one of the key differentiators is the brand story that they try to tell via their ads. With major focus on storytelling, we have had some amazing ads and following the cue is this wonderful piece by Knorr. The video sees a mom travel all the way to Arctic to surprise her daughter with home made food, you got to watch the video, simply for the raw emotional connect it has.

With that we come to the end of yet another weekly roundup, oh and the last one for the month of March. We hope you are following us across our social channels, if not, this is the time to do it. Do comment, share and like the post.

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