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Personal Development

The New You

We help you keep discovering the best in you

Our training programs start from the time the employee comes onboard . The three week long Acclimatisation program aims at getting the employee trained on the skills required for the job role assigned to them.

We have Graduate Trainee and Management Trainee programs during which the team member is given training and exposure to all the facets of digital marketing. We believe in the concept of on the job training and therefore we ensure that the team members are able to derive learning and development in all that they are doing.

We are one of the first start ups to endure the concept of Intrapreneurship, where we aim at building entrepreneurs within the organization.

We aim at Building psychological capital through

  • Personal initiative
  • Ownership mindset
  • Self-efficacy & optimism
  • Active information search
  • Risk-taking
  • Voicing and championing
  • Constant desire for innovation

And also the object is to have Intrapreneurship in action through

  • Opportunity scoping
  • Idea generation
  • Resources’ management
  • Internal coalition building
  • Persuading management
  • Planning and organising
  • Bias for action

Being a digital organization we take pride in the fact that 85% of our team members are certified on Google, Facebook and Twitter programs.

Learning at #ARM Worldwide never stops…

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We have a bunch of dancers, singers, food connoisseurs, readers and many more under one roof. The idea is to go beyond the typical work environment and make it fun. Quality doesn’t come from a run of the mill work style. It comes from the inspiration that lies within. our dancers can make a singer groove and the foodie can make a fitness freak forget his workout. We are a bunch of oddballs that are dedicated in creating jaw-dropping work

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  • Google
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  • leadsquared
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