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Have you ever asked yourself, “What organisation would be right for me?” or “Why do I continue to work this organisation?” If so, it may be time to evaluate the relationship between you and your company.

It is important to know “How compatible is your personality with the organizational culture of the company for which you work?” There’s been a buzz about workplace Culture lately and it has been the hottest topic of year.

It’s quickly proving to be a ‘must-have’ in the corporate world as it not only builds the image of the organisation but also has an impact in selection of the talent pool and also candidates’ decision to remain with the organisation.

The first step is to know what defines culture of a workplace?

Culture is the character and the personality of the organisation.

The recipe of “positive culture” comes with the blend of values of the organisation and uniqueness of each personality who contributes as an ingredient to the final mix that comes out.

Culture fit is the binding factor that keeps the organisation together and so it has become a key trait to look for when recruiting It is important to understand that hiring culturally fit people does not mean having people who are all the same. It is important for the Human Resources to select employees that are ‘culturally fit’ as it is for the candidate to know their working personality as well as recognizing the personalities of your co-workers.

In a workplace, certain behaviour and typical personality traits are observed. One needs to be aware and decide for oneself as to where to connect as it largely.

1. The Optimist: These people are strong believers of the culture of the company and they love their work. They are the initiator and the first ones to find a solution when a problem arises. Motivation, positive thinking and problem solvers are the key traits.

2. The Blockers: These people always find a reason to say no. They like being cautious and don’t like taking risks.

3. The Delegator: These people know the art of how and when to delegate work. They have good management skills and are responsible.

4. The Judgers: These people are ambitious, strong-willed and know how to organise their work. Their work station is covered with tasks lists and calendar is updated with meetings all the time.

5. The Perceivers: They are flexible, adaptable and more open-minded. They are culturally engaged and they respond well to unpredictable situations.

6. The Extroverts: These people are confident, energetic lively and smart. They look for ways to interact with others. They are team players and innovators.

7. The Introverts: They are the thinkers of the office. They like their own space and work independently. Introverts are thoughtful and focussed.

8. The Thinkers: They are tough thinkers who go into details of things. Analytical and objective thinking are their key traits. These employees focus on their learning and growth. You will always find them looking for ways to enhance their knowledge.

9. Feeling: They are compassionate, welcoming and empathetic. They maintain harmony in the workplace. They like supporting co-workers and are always looking for ways to impact others’ lives through their work.

Working Personality Infographic

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